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The Vapor Seller site is for everyone: college students and professionals, people vaping for an alternative to tobacco smoking and recreational vapers, individuals with money and those with very little. I found that just browsing their site was an interesting experience because it showed me such a wide selection, acting as a reminder that there really is a lot of choices for vapers these days.

VaporSeller.comOrganized Vaping

Vapor Seller’s website breaks categories down into logical chunks so I don’t have to read through every product to get where I want to go. Since they sell so much stuff, browsing aimlessly could take an hour and I, like most people, don’t have an hour for this kind of thing.

I could search for a brand or model listed in alphabetical order. Some customers know the model but not the company name so they would find an Ascent easily but forget that it’s a Davinci Ascent. I could stumble upon a new model or read the “featured” page where the Haze is prominent. Vapor Seller lists some unusual devices like the Hammer (something I haven’t come across before) and the Vapir One, a copy of the popular device by Storz & Bickel.

Devices are organized into portable and desktop collections. These were further broken into headings for portable handheld or portable pen vapes. Desktops were listed by brand. Cheap products weren’t cheap in the sense that they break down overnight but were on sale: good devices listed for a lower price. At the expensive end, Vapor Seller carries the very best vaporizers money can buy.

I could also view mods, tanks, and batteries: items from e cig websites either with crossover uses when attached to the right sort of tank or appealing to an audience that likes e cigs and vaporizers. It’s a common theme, this crossing-over, amplifying the connection between both methods of vaping and their similar benefits. They are both excellent, healthier alternatives to smoking and cheaper than cigarettes.

Cheap Vaporizers

I will just mention some items featured here so you know I am serious that “cheap” does not mean “garbage.” Vapor Seller had the Dragon Portable, Vaporite Glow, Dube XS, and Easy Vape Digital V5 under this heading when I visited. Vaporite, White Rhino, and Easy Vape are reputable names even if you don’t recognize one or two others.

An E Cig Mod and More

I was a little concerned about one listing: the Stingray Mod. Its price here is the clone price, but Vapor Seller does not specify that their version of the Stingray is a clone. Are they extremely fortunate to offer the real thing for a really low price? For less than $50 it must be a knock-off because an authentic Stingray would cost well over $100. Vapor Seller should make sure their readers know that the Stingray on their website is not a limited edition collectible.

Buy a Kanger, Aspire, Vision, or Innokin item here. Use them with e liquid or attach a tank for vaping concentrates.

Parts by Brand and Model

I like being able to hunt down parts this way. It simplifies my work. Almost everything is classified by the product it goes with, leaving just three things under “accessories” without brand associations: two grinders and a vaporizer cleaner.

More Sections

I was grateful to see reviews, a comparison section, educational details, and more on the Vapor Seller website. They tell you what the top ten devices are based on customer reviews; a fair method for creating such a list. Customer opinion is the most important opinion after all, although pundits’ opinions are based on a greater knowledge of vaporizer pros, cons, and possibilities. Their top-ten list is comprised of the Haze, PAX, Ascent, Firefly, Arizer Solo, Davinci, Pinnacle, Plenty, and Vapir N02 from top to bottom. Most of these are handheld and wireless.

Vapor Seller Review

The one feature of this website catalogue that really worried me was that I’ve never heard of some products sold here. Is the Hammer (resembling a real, black hammer) brand new or just not good enough to be sold by others? Why would Vapor Seller list this, or the Vapir One 5.0? To me it’s embarrassing when a company copies the unique style of a well-known, critically acclaimed device like the Plenty and gives it a new name. It’s not like the maker could pretend they weren’t thus inspired.

But I appreciate the selection here and leave it up to consumers to do their homework. The old adage “caveat emptor” (“buyer, beware”) is especially pertinent in this unregulated industry. You could find yourself holding a hunk of junk with a warranty that doesn’t get you very far all too easily. Know what you are looking at. Don’t be tempted by low prices alone. If a device is cheap, find out why. Determine your priorities before visiting Vapor Seller.

On the other hand, set yourself a firm budget. Spending hundreds of dollars on the Herbalizer would take less than two minutes with online shopping. The inclusion of this, the MiniVap, Grenco Science G Pens, and other fine products gives me faith that Vapor Seller is a good company; one that knows what they’re doing.

Vapor Seller
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