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The company behind the ViVape 2, Vaporfection, has been in operation since 2003. Their webpage displays the evolution of vaporizer: a visual list of devices that have been adapted, deconstructed, and given makeovers internally and externally before finally being discontinued to make way for the next, better machine. Consequently, Vaporfection has developed one of the most consistently appealing and efficient vaporizers money can buy.

Vaporfection ViVape$300 Vaporfection ViVape

That money amounts to around $300, but don’t let that put you off. The ViVape 2 is going to save you money ultimately. It doesn’t just look great; it works so well that many customers can’t say anything bad about it.

Over time they discover that parts are difficult to find and possibly expensive, but what does that say? It tells you they use it over time; long periods of time. A ViVape 2 will provide the vapor you want for years.

Specifications: a Vaporfection Review

A ViVape 2 is the only vaporizer Vaporfection sells right now, so their reputation hinges on it. It is shaped like a shallow rectangular box with an LED touch screen and back-lit heating chamber made of glass. Watch it glow, especially on cold evenings, and let the color of light fill you with warmth.

Though fan-powered for forced air vaporization using a balloon, that fan is incredibly quiet. That is the benefit of superior technology and high-quality parts. All glass used in this device is lab-grade, clean stuff which should reassure you: the glass is tough and will not taint your vapor. Glass is neutral and a good conductor/preserver of heat, but even lab-grade glass breaks, so treat your $300 product with the care it deserves.

The kit contains a power cord, two tapered bags, 3 feet of hose, a glass mouthpiece, and five extra screens. It also contains a vapor valve, material container, glass wand/whip, two stir sticks, and two tie wraps. Everything is made from the highest-quality materials. Purchase it from a dealer who will send along an herb grinder and your package is complete.

Use the touch screen controls to set a time for auto shut-off and adjust the temperature to your liking. This is a slick unit that doesn’t really look like a vaporizer at all. If set onto your kitchen counter, it could be mistaken for a weight scale.

ViVape AccessoriesAccessories for the ViVape

A number of accessories are available for use with your device. A glass bulb container/wand is one possibility as a replacement or spare. Choose the Aqua Vape Water Cooler to create a smoother taste if you wish.

Made from lab-grade glass (as always), you just pour in water and this cools down vapor as it passes through the bulb. Balloons are also sold separately for the time when you finally use those supplied. As a forced air and whip-delivery system, the ViVape is flexible enough to satisfy individuals whose breathing is difficult and people who prefer the simpler whip method.

What Customers Say about the Vaporfection ViVape 2

Clients are almost universally happy. A few anomalous bad reviews come to the surface, but they are outvoted by countless comments from happy shoppers. They comment on the company and the device.

Vaporfection customer service is conscientious and the company is generous. They have been known to give customers the benefit of some leeway with regard to warranty. The ViVape’s all-glass system looks and feels clean and really is as quiet as Vaporfection promises.

Customers find it works efficiently without complicated controls. They highly recommend it to other consumers and their friends. Flavor is excellent; vapor is thick. You can’t go wrong buying the ViVape 2.

Where can you get it? Check out the Vaporfection website or go to a major vaporizer retailer known for carrying the best types of devices. In spite of its reputation, the ViVape has been unjustly overshadowed by bigger names. This is a definite crowd-pleaser you should look into if you are about to buy a vaporizer for the first time.

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