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For those times when smaller is better is the motto for the all new VaporFi Air 2 Mini Vaporizer.

This stylish and discreet platform allows vapers of all experience levels to embark on a low-key vaping experience that retains both a healthy list of features and a hefty performance. The Air 2 Mini Vaporizer by VaporFi will become the ideal solution for a successful transition or for those that are more experienced who are just looking for an ultra compact on-the-go device.

Super charged with a sleek white or a fierce black finish, the VaporFi Air 2 Mini may bare a small footprint, but certainly stands out with high appeal and great attention to detail. While sleek and compact, this marvelous vaporizer system still offers an array of features that makes it a hit amongst all vapers, no matter the experience you currently have.

The Air 2 Mini Vaporizer starts by featuring an all-in-one design, allowing for a seamless ultra compact design that adheres to the users convenience without sacrificing valued space — it’s a starter kit that’s perfect for both pockets or purses. Combining a built-in battery for enhanced vape sessions and an equally matched tank capacity into one solid platform, you can take on vaping in a way like never before.

Taking a no-hassle approach to the modern vaporizer has been a feat that VaporFi has surpassed, incorporating a built-in battery that stretches from the bottom to its mid-section. Ensuring its compact design, the Air 2 Mini Vaporizer still delivers a 350mAh battery capacity that’s rechargeable via the side-mounted micro-USB port.

Its built-in tank offers a 1.4mL e-liquid capacity with a sight window and fill-line to easily indicate the current e-liquid level as well as giving a peek at the brains behind the operation, the VaporFi Air 2 1.1ohm Stainless Steel Atomizer. Combining a low resistance and capable stainless steel atomizer with an output wattage range of 15 watts, the Air 2 Mini Vaporizer will become the highlight of your vaping journey.

Couple these fantastic features with a unique mouthpiece and a top airflow design, and you’ll easily begin to understand how this impressive little device can perform as well as it does. One of its most intelligent features is its use of mouth-to-lung technology, where it mimics the traditional smoking experience.

The VaporFi Air 2 Mini also utilizes a top fill design and over discharge protection, paying close attention to both the safety of the user while maintaining convenience, two of the greatest perks for every consumer.

And finally, going beyond the norm of ultra compact vaporizers, the Air 2 Mini Vaporizer by VaporFi puts the control of the device back into the users hands by adding a straight forward single button for operation.

It’s simple, sleek, and for those times when smaller is better. It’s the VaporFi Air 2 Mini Vaporizer!




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