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Of all the Vaporfi e cigs, the Pro series might just be their most consistently satisfying. Customers usually have good things to say about it and you can’t get a 5-star rating as the result of averages. Instead, Vaporfi can honestly say their clients love this eGo-type e cig, including the latest version.

Vaporfi Pro 3

When something is really good, you just hate to see it get changed and messed up. Isn’t that what happens with classic movies? A few of the best shows should have been left alone to bask in the glow of being movie or TV icons, but were destroyed by fans who became directors, scriptwriters, and producers who wanted to see what would happen if they applied the latest CGI.

In the vaping world, companies sometimes change their products because they want to take advantage of new technology even though their pens and vaporizers are excellent as-is. The Pro was not ruined by upgrades and continues to be a stellar electronic vaping device.

For New Vapers

The Mouth-to-Lung vaping style is most often exemplified by new vapers who like a free and airy draw. The Pro 3 satisfies new vapers, even if you want to skip level one which would be Vaporfi’s Express mini cig.

10% Off Vaporfi PRO 3

That’s for people who value the illusion of smoking. A Pro 3 is better than smoking; trust me. A starter kit provides the best way to get the ball rolling since every part you need is included except for e juice; add a bottle from Vaporfi’s extensive, affordable catalogue.

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New Pro Elements

The EVOD-inspired e cig tank was previously filled from the bottom, but that is the old-school way. People are not doing that anymore. They refill tanks from the top, so Vaporfi designed their Pro 3 tank to be a top-fill beauty like the others.

It holds 2 ml of e juice too. A larger window allows vapers to see their vapor juice clearly. This part also provides a view of several e juice inlets built into the atomizer. This tank is topped by a straight, narrow metal mouthpiece. The wide-bore style isn’t necessary for low-temp vaping, but vapor production will be surprisingly good.

You used to buy the Pro with a 650mah or 1000mAh battery, but Vaporfi scrapped the smaller one. Now it’s a 1000mAh battery or nothing. Perhaps their customers constantly jumped straight to the bigger cell so Vaporfi decided it wasn’t worthwhile to offer anything less. Whatever the case, a 1000mAh cell gets most people through a whole day of vaping at mid-level resistance without having to recharge their battery.

Starter Kit for the Vaporfi Pro 3

There are loads of color options if you count how many mixtures one could create from shades of purples, red, and pink, etc. Select a single color or choose two different shades for a stylishly complementary or bright and garish appearance.

The tank comes with a 2-ohm atomizer and a charging cable for use with USB ports. There is another 2-ohm atomizer in the package with 4 O-rings which seal the Pro 3 tank. Battery voltage is 3.5V and the set costs $49.99.

If this is your first purchase with Vaporfi, save money by signing up for their newsletter or apply a coupon code found online. Collect points as you buy things and use these to create discounts for yourself when you buy e liquid.

Vaporfi Pro 3 Review
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