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First, Vaporfi offered the Pro Electronic Cigarette. Then they expanded their selection, selling several colors of the Pro Electronic Cigarette in response to customers wishing there were more color options.

Now they also sell a starter kit containing the Pro battery, plus a Platinum Tank. Essential aspects remain the same between kits but look out for small differences between each one.

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Pro KitA Vaporfi Pro Review

The Pro is an eGo e cig made by Vaporfi, a Florida company and subsidiary of International Vaping Group. An eGo e cig provides several times more power than a mini cig but is still compact and portable.

Small eGos contain about 350mAh, but rather than messing around with so little power, opt for 650mAh or more.

This makes your battery and the entire e cig longer than a mini cig, so it no longer feels the same as a cigarette, but two versions of the Pro e cig are slim and tidy.

Adding length also extends the battery’s life. With the Pro, one refills the tank and recharges the battery once a day or once every two days if you are a very light vaper.

The Pro Regular

Kit #1 contains one black battery, a black cartomizer (the Pro L), an adapter, and a USB charger.

Regular Pro

When fitted together, this looks like a long pen and is only slightly longer than a cigarette. The black kit contains three replacement atomizer heads which the colored kit does not contain. This is the original kit.

Pro Colors

Kit #2 is available in multiple colors and comes with a Pro L cartomizer or Pro XL.

Vaporfi pro colors

Pro Color kits also feature 650mAh or 1000mAh batteries. Both products cost $49.99. Like the regular Pro, cartos and batteries create one sleek line.

The Third Pro Kit Option

For Kit #3 the consumer pays an extra $10. $59.99 buys a 650mAh battery in platinum, a Platinum Clearomizer Tank with 2.5-ml capacity and 2.2-ohm resistance.

VaporFi Platinum Pro

The battery fits with a Pro L, Pro XL, Titan, Tank, Premium, or Clear Cartomizer by Vaporfi. As usual, the adapter and charger are included.

New Pro 3

The Vaporfi Pro 3 the latest device in the Pro Series line up. As you can see it is quite unique, with some great colors, and we love this device.

Vaporfi Pro 3 Colors

Comparing Sets

Unlike Kits 1 and 2, a Platinum Pro looks more like an old-fashioned torch in shape. The stem is met by a wider tank, breaking up the line but adding more e-liquid capacity for longer periods of uninterrupted vaping. While the other two models are slim, the Platinum is more convenient.

The Pro is this company’s most popular electronic cigarette. While it is less powerful than their Rebel or Jet, it is easy to use and inexpensive to own.

Filling the Pro

None of the Vaporfi starter kits comes with e-liquid. On a positive note, Vaporfi sells a comprehensive range of flavors in bottle form.

All electronic accessories are sold separately including atomizer heads, batteries, chargers, and tanks. They can be purchased online or in-person if one is in the Miami area.

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