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Version three of Vaporfi’s Rocket starter kit has been released and has already received lots of good reviews from customers. It’s not an unqualified success but, overall, customers like this set from Florida’s Vaporfi which is reminiscent of a Kanger EVOD Pro 2 but with a removable tank whereas the Kanger equivalent features an all-in-one format.

I think you’ll prefer being able to remove the tank fully, even if you like this pairing and have no intention of swapping the tank for an alternative. There’s something special about simply having the choice.

Firstly, take a look at this set.

There’s a tank which already comes with a 0.5-ohm coil; a sub-ohm heating element, basically. If you upgraded from a Pro to this set, you can also upgrade your e juice to Grand Reserve high-VG flavors. A set of O-rings is included in order to prevent leakage as the original coils wear out.

A second coil is included, this one rated 0.1 ohms and made from high-grade Ni200, otherwise known as a temperature-sensitive metal. We’ll learn more about how best to apply this coil in a second. The Rocket battery features a built-in 2500mAh cell rechargeable via USB.

Look More Closely

The tank holds up to 3.5 ml of e juice, so it won’t be EU-compliant. That’s no problem; the Vaporfi audience is mostly from America. The leaking problem reported by some customers would also make it difficult for Vaporfi to sell this set in Europe where their compliance regulations are very tight on leakage and breakage prevention. It might be durable, but leaking is an issue with this tank.

At least you can fill it from the top, something you couldn’t do with a Vaporfi tank 12 months ago or more. This is the new standard in tank filling; an expectation. The tank is made from hardened glass and stainless steel, the inevitable combination for sub-ohm vaping.

Custom Combo

The Rocket 3 can be purchased in blue, black, red, purple, stainless steel, or white. Vaporfi offers vapers the chance to create a colorful combination too; they don’t have to select an all-red or all-blue version.

Temperature and Wattage

Although there’s only one button, the Rocket 3 can be used in TC or VW mode. The system can detect which coil is installed and will change setting automatically, so if you install the Ni200 coil this will cause the battery to switch modes without you doing a thing.

Caring for the Kit

This is a rebuildable setup. Don’t forget to keep the mouthpiece clean by removing and rinsing it regularly. The tank should be cleaned daily of any remaining e juice. Every part of the tank is removable, so make this an economical set by looking after it.

Add E Juice and Accessories

Vaporfi carries an extensive range of extra products to go with their starter kit including extra coils, chargers, and e liquid. View the catalogue to find flavors for the sub ohm coils featured here. Build your own e liquid flavor from the styles listed. A few other tanks are also compatible, but this tank with adjustable airflow and associated coils is the best partner.

Save Money on the Kit

The one downside of buying an American brand of e cig is that the price is often higher than you would pay for something by Kanger, Joyetech, or Innokin where the battery rating and tank capacity are the same or nearly identical. Why would you pay more for something if you don’t have to?

The Rocket 3 isn’t made in the United States after all. One reason to shop here is their 30-day money-back guarantee. Another is their customer service both online and at their various street-level locations. Thirdly, you can save money in one of several ways.

Become a customer and take advantage of discounts and loyalty points. Find a coupon code and apply that to your purchase. Sign up for e juice auto-shipments and reap the rewards. Lastly, I have products from Kanger, Joyetech and Innokin, and this is one of my favorites of them all. It’s the perfect set up for someone who either wants a pen that creates a lot of tasty vapor, or someone looking into sub-ohm or temp control, with ease of use.

Vaporfi Rocket 3
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