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Were you going into withdrawal, thinking it had been a whole week since Vaporfi released some new gear, a new e juice series, or some other offer? Wait no longer: the latest Vaporfi gadget is on the market and it’s another herbal device.

The Vaporfi Stratus

A great vaping pen that produces voluminous clouds with minimal effort makes you feel like you are in the stratosphere. This is an image Vaporfi plants in your mind with the name of their latest product. Strangely enough, like the Orbit, a Stratus resembles a handheld vape on the market already: the Wulf SX. In fact, the two are identical in every regard except price. The Wulf is more expensive compared with Vaporfi’s kit priced $129.99.

Stratus Pens

Stratus Kit

Each of these portable vaping devices comes with a packing tool, mouthpiece, and mouthpiece cover. Select one in red or black and all features will shine beautifully against a bold background. Vaporfi also backs their products with excellent customer service, rewards points, and they run a profitable affiliate program.

Stratus Features

An Orbit is a simple pen bearing a single light on the front and one button. There is no screen; no digital adjustments. With the Stratus, that changes. You now see your values on the screen, depicted in Fahrenheit, between 350F and 430F.

Alter temperature by 1º at a time: minute changes which give you accurate control over how hot your vapor becomes. This is essential for customizing the vaporization experience to your exact requirements depending on what herb is in your thermal metal chamber.

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Baking, not Burning

The biggest problem vapers encounter with small portable herbal vaporizers is that their herbs burn. They either have to reduce temperature and settle for mediocre vapor or they raise the temperature and risk combustion. Vaporfi promises that you will not have any troubles with burning when you use their Stratus vaporizer and heating time is fast.

Recharge with the Stratus

With cordless technology you have to wonder where power will come from when the size is so small. Vaporizer batteries are small but they make a lot of power: 2200 mAh in this case. Your battery is fixed inside the Stratus, but it is still rechargeable.

Just use a USB charger and if you don’t have a laptop handy, connect your USB to a wall adapter. Some consumers dislike this style of vaporizer and prefer a removable battery, but when your cell for the Stratus runs out Vaporfi will have another product to offer anyway judging by the current rate of release. Besides, a removable battery and battery door are two more things consumers are likely to lose.

stratus mouthpieceReplace Missing Pieces

Vaporfi sells replacements for the items consumers typically misplace; small but essential things. There is the mouthpiece for a start: black and camouflaged in the shadows. Replacements cost $14.99.

A new packing tool sells for $1.99 and there are 3-packs of mouthpiece covers costing $6.99. You might want these for three reasons. Firstly, if the acrylic mouthpiece gets hot in spite of six vent holes, protect your lips with a cover. Secondly, change covers and share with friends. Thirdly, keep your mouthpiece clean when it is kept in a bag or pocket.

More from Vaporfi

There is plenty more where the Stratus came from: e liquid pens and herbal vaporizers plus e juice. Devices include the Orbit of similar stature but featuring fewer fun elements. It costs $30 less, though, so this could be a better starter kit for someone who has never vaped dry herbs before.

Among Vaporfi’s several electronic cigarettes is a vaporizer called the Vox II mod. This 50-watt device can be used for vaping e liquids, waxes, or oils when an appropriate tank or atomizer is attached.

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