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We recently got the chance to review the VEX 150W TC Mod by VaporFi, and are really excited to let you in on all the details about this exceptional device. It is loaded with features and provides some of the best performance in the high-tech, high-powered mod market right now. Keep reading for a deeper look at this incredible device.

About the Category

High watt mods are extremely popular now, and lots of people are seeking devices that can meet their needs for intense experiences, extended battery performance, and the availability of features. However, at the same time, just a little research into the category of super-powered mods will tell you that quality is quite subjective among the many items out there.

This is one of the big aspects to keep an eye on because lots of power with limited quality will simply result in a bad experience. Luckily for you, the VaporFi VEX 150W TC Mod is exceptional in regards to quality.

The VaporFi VEX 150W is one of the most advanced, most powerful, and best performing high-watt mods on the market currently. Nice style, simple to use, and very versatile, you will not be complaining about the output and vapor production from this mod.

Vex 150W Features


The features on the VEX 150W TC Mod are excellent, however that does nothing to interfere with this device being very simple to use. It was clearly designed for those who have a lot of experience in using more powerful, advanced devices, and it has the ability to be used with additionally high-powered accessories like sub ohm tanks and RDA’s of your choosing.

The 150W delivery is sustained, meaning there are no drop offs with this mod. Producing that much power is not easy, however the precision at which the VEX 150W is crafted ensures the very best in power.

To further support the high wattage output, the mod was designed with dual vent holes, which enable it to cool faster, preventing shortages and strain on the batteries. The OLED screen and modern display are a nice touch, making it very easy to read and access your settings.


The VEX 150W TC Mod is powered by two 18650 batteries, which allow it to offer unmatched battery power performance. The ability for these batteries to last an extended period is very good, and along with the other complementing features aimed at protecting the battery output, the overall long term performance regarding power is exceptional on this device.

The batteries are accessed through a bottom-door on the mod, and it is a simple and convenient slip-through design. The one issue with the device is that batteries are not included upon purchase of the mod; it would be fantastic if they were.

Operating It

Operating the VEX 150W is really simple. To start up and turn off, it’s the standard 5 clicks, found on a great many mods in the industry. When vaping, the only thing you have to do other than puff and inhale from the device is to hold down the power button as you do so. This can be a little annoying in the beginning, but it’s easy to get used to – just don’t hold the power button for more than 10 seconds or you’ll send the device automatically into protection mode.

Security features are there for a reason; in order to get the ideal level of performance, it’s important to make sure your settings are accurately adjusted to the atomizer you’re using with it. It’s pretty easy to change the settings; just 3 clicks to the power button and then using the – (minus) button, you’ll be able to navigate through to get the setting you need.


If you want a really advanced, high-watt, sophisticated, massive-cloud-blowing mod, the VEX 150W TC from VaporFi will be a solid choice. It is on the higher end of price for mods of this caliber, but you’re paying for top of the line quality; which saves you money, time, and convenience in the long run.

It’s got great looks and is a great performing mod, plus it produces excellent flavor. So, overall, this is absolutely worth the money and effort in purchasing. The VEX 150W TC Mod is amazing.

What’s Included with the Vex 150W TC Mod:

  • 1 VaporFi VEX™ 150 TC MOD
  • 1 USB Cable
  • User Manual

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