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At Vaporfi, they want their customers to be able to personalize their mod kits with a variety of atomizers. One of those agile little creatures is the Viper, a 4-ml tank for use with the VEX or the VOX. As always, this accessory is both practical and stylish.


Fits Anywhere

This slick item can also be used with vape mods made by other manufacturers, including the top Chinese companies such as Sigelei, Eleaf, and SMOK. There are many wonderful features that Vaporfi has added to their Viper tank, available now in black or stainless steel. It’s compatible with numerous temperature and wattage output levels and looks good on all of them.

Big News Top and Bottom

Do you wish to increase airflow even more? The Viper provides two control rings: one at the bottom as usual and one at the top like the Vibe. Why compromise when you can have it both ways? These two rings enable vapers to select direct or mouth-to-lung inhalation and also to cool down vapor before they inhale. Precisely regulate airflow.

From the Top

Like all modern sub ohm beasts, this one is filled from the top. There is no more messing around with dripping tanks, removing them from the mod before filling. That hassle is long gone, but the Viper’s relatively large tank will reduce refills even more. That substantial glass window provides a view of your juice so you’re never in doubt of when refilling is needed. Vaporfi prides themselves on making leak-free tanks.


Ohm Flexibility

Like the Vibe, a Viper supplies vapers with coils of two resistance levels. In this case they are 0.5 ohms and 0.2 ohms. The 0.5-ohm atomizer coil is spare but a 0.2-ohm stainless steel one is pre-installed. It’s compatible with temperature control devices like the VEX and VOX. One can also alter juice flow to regulate proceedings even more. Create the best flavor possible by setting watts, resistance, airflow, and juice flow precisely.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the things I love most about a high-end tank is that the parts are removable, not disposable. You are meant to keep your tank clean because that’s how you get the best flavor. You should at least clean the mouthpiece once or twice daily, but maybe more often than that. It depends on how you feel about germs. Also, if pieces break, they can be replaced instead of replacing an entire tank.

In a Kit

While this product is compatible with many 510-threaded box and tube mods, there are some great kits at Vaporfi which contain the mod, Viper tank, and e juice. Vaporfi provides the option of ordering your starter kit with one from a selection of tanks.

With the VEX 75 TC Bundle, you can choose a Viper, Vibe, or Venom RDA, all of them visually attractive with the VEX. The Viper costs $5 more than the Vibe or Venom in a bundle and is bigger than both of them too.

Custom e juice from the Vaporfi series made with 50% VG (vegetable glycerin), 70% VG, or max-VG is also on offer. A lot of VG is a great thing in a sub ohm tank set to high temps or high watts.

Make a concoction of your own or select a single flavor from the list Vaporfi is showing: items like Glazed Donut, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Energy Drink, Watermelon Wave, and some more traditional tobacco or menthol varieties.

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