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Vaporizing is an international pastime, and one of the biggest companies in this industry is Vaporite. Their products are popular in China, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, England, and other countries.

You see them at trade shows and view their products on major vaporizer retail websites next to reviews of varying enthusiasm. Learn how they have conquered the vapor world in this Vaporite review.

Many Models

Few companies in this industry have created so many different styles of vaporizer. Most companies are one-hit — possibly two-hit — wonders which capitalize on the popularity of just a single model but can’t come up with anything else to offer.

While many of those devices are excellent, Vaporite caters to a wider customer base. Their clients are low-, medium-, and big-budget individuals.

Some (but not all) of their models are the Budy Pen, Twister, Vaporite Solo and Solo Digit, 6th Element, Glow, and CE4 Pen. Between them, these units vaporize e liquids, concentrates, and herbs. They even operate as air fresheners. The lowest-cost item is $10, but some devices are priced above $140.

For prices like these, you are probably not receiving the highest level of technology or quality available today, but Vaporite customers don’t want to pay $250 or more for a vaporizer. They just want to get started and find that, for a low price, Vaporite devices work well.

Certain items will appeal to those who like a vintage look. Some are tabletop units and many are portable or pen mods. Vaporite got its start in 2005, so they have had plenty of time to design and market several ideas.

Budy PenBudy Pen

The original Budy Pen costs $40 and works with tobacco or dry herbs. A wax atomizer is available too, but its original purpose is as a smoking alternative. This black pen with glass screens to prevent burning takes seconds to heat up.

A newer version, the Pro Platinum 3-in-1, is priced about $90. Like others of its kind, the Pro Platinum vaporizes waxes, herbs, and e liquid. Vapor production and throat hit are good.

This is an early phase in the development of 3-in-1 pen-style vaporizers so there is bound to be more innovation and change, but the Budy produces reasonable vapor. The glass screens are a sign that it might burn herbs, so be aware of that.

TwisterThe Twister

For $75, you can own the latest Vaporite product, a portable unit that will remind you of the much more expensive Arizer Solo. This light, cordless, handheld device has a large herb chamber for fully vaporizing plant materials.

It takes about 1 to 2 minutes to heat, so this is not ideal if you want lightning speed, but the Twister’s battery has pass-through capability that makes up for relatively slow heating. Four buttons allow you to adjust temperature and otherwise control your vaporizer.

As you achieve each of 5 temperature settings, a beautiful blue light will come on until, at its maximum temperature, all five bulbs light up like a line of gems along the front.

Vaporite Solo

Do not confuse this stationary, plug-in unit with the Arizer Solo mentioned above. Vaporite’s wooden unit is not portable: it is a hands-free box mod, however, with a big display and analog controls but a traditional, even vintage appearance.

The Solo works as a vaporizer and air freshener for $95. The price is just one reason it is a to-seller. A digital version of the Solo ($110) uses a remote control. These are whip delivery models.

6th Element

If you need assistance drawing vapor, two fans in the 6th Element force vapor into your lungs. This is also a remote control-operated device resembling a giant car stereo with a big display. Priced $145, it comes with an aroma bulb so you can watch herbs vaporizing.

The Glow

The cheapest herbal vaporizer you can buy is probably the Glow for $15. It looks like a gumball machine and is not very powerful, but consider this a budget-friendly introductory model and an attractive talking piece.

CE4 Pen: Electronic Cigarette

For $10, you can own Vaporite’s version of the eGo e liquid pen with a CE4 clearomizer. This is a disposable clearomizer worth around $3 or $4 which can be refilled multiple times. With its modest battery, you probably won’t bother upgrading to a rebuildable clearomizer and the battery will produce modest clouds.

History of Vaporite

On the Vaporite website, you see a red circle with a line through it across a cigarette. Vaporite was formed as a way to give smokers a choice: to give up their killer habit or switch over to herbs, concentrates, and e liquids.

This concept has grown into a billion-dollar industry and created some cross-over products in the earlier years. But the industry is finally seeing consistent and effective overlap between electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. Vaporite has decided not to be left behind. You can find their quality products at the company sales site or log onto your favorite vaporizer mega-store.

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