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If you haven’t heard of, maybe the Vapor Tower has crossed your path. Owners of are the makers of this tall box mod while also carrying a considerable selection of products by other manufacturers as well.

A Big List

In fact, the list is almost too big, but the website is designed so that you can search in many ways and narrow down the results to a manageable load. They carry the HerbalAire, Silver Surfer, and Hot Box products. Buy Vapro, Vrip Tech, Vapolution, and Vaporgenie devices. Browse their selection of Iolite, Vapman, Magic Flight, and Natural Goods items.

If you aren’t sure what model you want or which ones do what, look them up by the materials used: waxes, dry herbs, or concentrates. If you prefer, select an item by style such as a handheld or desktop vape. Look up pipes or items made from glass. Read their list of top-rated items, digital devices, or hybrid machines.

The pipes are interesting. says their aim is to improve the quality of life for customers, yet I don’t think “quality of life” has anything to do with the party pipes from Grav Labs. This company from Austin, Texas makes lovely items, but they make no bones about the fact that these are for having fun, not improving one’s life.

Vapor Tower VaporizerVapor Tower

This box shaped unit for $179.95 defies the trend in fancy digital mods with its clean, simple lines. The wood box available in five colors is taller than other boxes and vented at the bottom where tower and base meet. Switch it on and off and set the dial to your preferred temperature.

The Vapor Tower plug-in vaporizer is sent to customers with a whip, medical grade tubing (about 1 meter or roughly 3 feet), a grinder, and a stir tool. It comes with a blown-glass mouthpiece, replacement screens, and hand kit. Apparently, a dual screen system covers more surface area to vaporize herbs with particular efficiency. Review

Virtually everything I want and expect from a major internet vendor is present at Theirs is not a pretty site: the design is cluttered and colors are uninspiring. Yet, they gain marks as far as I’m concerned for separating content into so many manageable sections so I can’t fail to find a product according to my needs.

A section for education gives instruction and reviews about various items or types of vaporizers so I can learn before shopping. There is an option to have vaporizers or accessories gift wrapped. Sale items fall under their own heading too.

Explore the reasons why you should shop with Having formed relationships with manufacturers, the owners are able to activate a warranty claim faster than any other third-party vendor. They also offer expert advice to their clients and generally fabulous customer service, or at least that’s what their promises amount to. ‘thoroughly evaluates all vaporizers’ before listing them so they know how a device works and whether it’s good enough to sell.

Extra Product

There are a few things in this world that can give you a buzz, at least two of them legal: nicotine and caffeine. An herbal vaporizer will cover your need for tobacco, but also sells coffee. Actually, a few e cig and vape companies list coffee among their products, perhaps because they naturally complement each other.
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