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When a company provides a link that says “about us,” what you often read is a list of reasons why you should use their products. They are the same old generic reasons: vaporizing is better than smoking, and so on. These are legitimate reasons to buy listed products, but not good reasons to purchase said products from that vendor. At Vaporwarehouse, a personal approach is built in, providing genuine insight into the company’s roots and including a picture of the two brothers who operate this vaporizer company.

Who is VaporwarehouseVapor Warehouse Review: Real People

A personal approach to sales gives consumers the impression that they are being treated like human beings. Otherwise it’s all virtual, cyber-sales, anonymous retail where you are only a number. Vaporwarehouse’s owners put their names and faces behind their products: a mark of faith in what they do and a form of introduction.

Besides, being founded in 2002 as a family-owned and operated business, readers realize right away that there is a lot invested in Vapor Warehouse: reputation, livelihood, and more. They only sell products that have been tested between them; products they would feel comfortable giving as gifts or purchasing to use at home. That says a lot about the quality of service and goods you can expect.

Product Organization

The website is a real pleasure to use: well organized and intuitive. If you want to find something, look for the category or search by brand. Vapor Warehouse does not carry every brand or even a huge selection, but they’ve got a lot of products by Vapor Brothers and appear to have established a good relationship with that US-based company.

Other brands include 7th Floor (makers of the Silver Surfer and Da Buddha), Storz and Bickel (The Plenty and Volcano), David Rio, Eleven, VapeXhale, and their own line of accessories.

Products fall under headings such as aromatherapy items, specialty glassware, grinders, shredders, vaporizers, vaporizer whips, and a few others.

Something for Everyone

Although this is a vaporizer shop, their aromatherapy heading also contains items such as natural soaps and candles. They sell organic blends and oils, and oil diffusers.

Vapor Brothers Products at Vape WarehouseVapor Brothers Products

The two extremes offered by Vapor Brothers are represented in their Dabbler for $99 and the Multi Converter for over $700. The $749 Spa Quality VB2 Multi Converter contains a ceramic and glass heating chamber, features auto shut-off, takes 3 minutes to warm up, and is for use with essential oils, extracts, and scented waxes. The Dabbler is a vapor pen: a small and stealthy rechargeable personal vaporizer.

Organizing Product Information

Each item features subheadings which include related items, a product description, instructions, reviews, and warranty details. I love the layers of this website; being led to information as I want it rather than being bombarded by verbiage I don’t care to sift through.

Summary of Vapor Warehouse

I love Vaporwarehouse for their presentation. I love that they are choosy about what they sell. Their prices are competitive and the aromatherapy options are extensive.

What I would like to see is a bit more selection. Many items I expected to view were not listed: Arizer, for instance. That being said, Vapor Warehouse carries portable, pen, and desktop models, box mods, hands-free mods: anything a consumer might be interested in.

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