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Vaping caught on with a small crowd of consumers and engineers a decade or more ago, but more time was needed to design and redesign these products. Companies wanted to produce the highest temperatures needed to produce vapor without causing combustion and ensure their products were safe alternatives to smoking.

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They yearned for a day when their electronics would be portable and technology would catch up with their goals. Today that dream has become a reality. Box vaporizers are joined on the internet market by portable vaporizers no larger than a fancy pen.

Pdab KitThe V.I.P P-Dab Review

One such device is the V.I.P. P-Dab. This $90 product resembles an electronic cigarette of intermediate size and performance.

A kit comes with everything a consumer requires for using and maintaining the pen for a short time. Use this as your main pen if you are a light smoker or strictly for vaping away from home and in the car.

A P-Dab Kit

The most important item in your P-Dab starter kit is an instruction manual, a piece sometimes missing from other starter kits. Read it cover to cover to make sure you do not accidentally ruin a perfectly good device.

The simplest part and easiest to overlook is cleaning. While putting your pen away dirty is tempting, this is a great way to cause overheating and to ruin the flavor of your next vaping session.

Your kit contains a battery with temperature adjustment controller, a matching atomizer, one stainless steel dab tool, and the manual. Select from 9 levels of vapor production: essentially, a temperature setting. Hotter sessions will wear out your battery more quickly but produce billowing clouds of vapor.

The all-enclosed heating element contains no flame: it is a standard electronic vaping pen which is no longer a novelty. Only a few butane-powered vaping pens remain. The mouthpiece is made from food-grade aluminum. The heating chamber is easy to load.

Heating chambers (atomizers) are sold separately for $19.99 each or in kits containing three extra atomizer heads.

Where to Buy the P-Dab

V.I.P. sells these devices on their website from the company’s home base: San Francisco, California. They can also be purchased by other vaporizer retailers and on eBay.

Use these multiple supply lines to check for competing prices, but be sure you are purchasing a brand new P-Dab. With a used one, there is a greater chance of finding the battery is nearly at the end of its life or that there is damage to some component. A rechargeable vaporizer pen is made to be re-used, but it still has a life expectancy.

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