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Some companies make their products all about looks. Many businesses focus on quality. Voodoo Hookah puts a lot of emphasis on appearances and on providing extensive selection, but are their products any good? Let’s look at their most popular product: the Voodoo E Hookah.

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When you shop for disposable e hookahs, one of the names that come up again and again is Voodoo. Theirs are among the best-sellers for several reasons. They taste good and have the pretty, authentic hookah tip. E hookahs are convenient, flavorful, attractive, and affordable. A Voodoo e hookah costs just $11 which, though a bit expensive compared to e cigs, probably reflects a longer-lasting product.

Their 8 flavors are apple, peach, blueberry, cherry, strawberry, watermelon cinnamon, and spearmint. Tobacco and menthol versions are available with 2.1% nicotine but the others come in 0 and 1% nicotine strengths. The diamond-tip LED is very attractive for onlookers. Users will not be able to see from their end, but it lights up when you puff.

Each flavor and nicotine volume is represented by a theme, such as South American carvings. Compared to the typical pink, orange, or blue e hookah you find elsewhere, these are original, attractive pieces. It’s a shame they are not rechargeable so you could keep those funky tubes and show them off.

More Products from Voodoo Hookah

In the e cig world, e hookahs usually refer to disposable pen-shaped vapes. Something advertised as just a “hookah” looks just like a real hookah, only smaller and battery-operated. These types of electronic vaporizing devices are becoming more common as exotic hookah bars, hookah flavors, and vaping in general are embraced by North Americans as smoking alternatives that taste much better than cigarettes. Vaping with a hookah is also healthier and smells better, so easier to turn into a social prop. The traditional hookah has always been the focus of social rituals rather than something to be used in isolation.

Hookahs by Voodoo are 8″ tall: really small. They are made of glass and steel with ceramic bowls to hold shisha and a washable hose. Voodoo Hookah does not go into detail about these products but shows pictures of them in various colors and also points you to vendors where you can find out more: price, what material the hose is made from, and how they operate. By the looks of them, hookahs by Voodoo are elegant, lovely pieces. You might seriously consider giving one of these as a gift to a good friend.

Buy Shisha for your Hookah

It is fitting that Voodoo Shisha is made in the United Arab Emirates because shisha is a Middle-Eastern invention. Their flavors include Chill Berry, Guava Sunrise, Possessed Peach, Jungle Dream, Cool Zest (citrus), and Black Magic (blackberry). You can buy them in 50-gram or 250-gram containers and each flavor contains 0.5% nicotine.

Besides shisha, they carry e liquid and steam stones plus charcoal and torches. The torches run on butane.

A lot of companies that sell hookahs don’t carry shisha. They sell hookah-flavored e liquid instead. Voodoo’s shisha is designed to help you create a more authentic experience.

Personal Vaporizers

Voodoo Hookah carries a variety of personal vaporizers, some that look like e cigs and others that look more like a big hose without the water jar attached. Voodoo Hookah carries 650-mAh, 1300-mAh, and 2200-mAh devices. Unless you really want the Starbuzz-style electronic device, you have more tried and tested brands to buy from.

Where to Buy Voodoo Hookah Products

Go to the section for “store locator” on the Voodoo Hookah website and you will be directed to a map, not a list. Surprisingly, although the brand is not a household name, their products are carried at oodles of locations around the country. Don’t imagine you have to name a major city: type in the spot where you go shopping regularly and you are likely to find a shop that sells Voodoo Hookah items within a reasonable distance; if not the full range, then at least some of their products.

Now you have a starting point; a vendor to phone. Locations I came up with include Seattle Washington, Charlotte North Carolina, Austin Texas, Dover Maryland, Henderson Nevada, and Rancho Cucamonga California. That was without really trying.

If you want to read what customers say about their hookah devices and accessories, be specific about what you want to know.

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