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The White Rhino Liquid Touch makes use of technology you have seen in many other applications. It’s popular to turn things on and open them without having to touch anything: sinks in public washrooms, soap dispensers, garbage cans, and paper towel machines.

Benefits of this advance include hygiene and reduced wear and tear. Buttons on e cigs and vaporizers wear out; they start to rattle and threaten to fall out. As for the hygiene part, you can’t avoid holding your e cig so it hardly matters, but what a lovely touch, especially for arthritic hands.

The cost of this technology is coming down so do not be surprised to see a touch-sensor electronic cigarette costing $50. Vaporize oils or e liquids with this White Rhino device which goes one better than single-button batteries: it’s button-free.

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White Rhino Liquid TouchesSharp E Cig Style

First thing I noticed doing this review is that this is just like any other e cig you would see on a vaping website such as a Kanger or a VaporFi Pro. The battery is one part; a clear wick tank is another. There is a mouthpiece of course.

White Rhino makes the Liquid Touch in loads of pretty colors. Pick up extra tanks for various flavors of e liquid; the kind that don’t crack tanks (many tobacco, some fruit, and lots of bakery flavors, for instance).

Specifications of the White Rhino Liquid Touch

Unlike the tiny Dube (which only looks like an e cig but is in fact a herbal vaporizer of dubious reputation), a Liquid Touch battery offers 650 mAh which is about 4 to 8 hours of vaping (not the 48 hours claimed on White Rhino’s page). You should be able to charge this battery close to 400 times.

Once a company makes one exaggerated claim, I’m not likely to believe any of their figures, so maybe you should set your sights on 300 charges. The Liquid Touch operates at a high of 4.2 volts when fully charged and takes about 2 hours to charge completely.

That tank holds 1.6 ml of e-liquid: a decent amount, probably not enough for 400 puffs though, unless you go real light. The coil operates at 2.5 ohms to 2.6 ohms resistance: about standard for decent clouds but nothing competitively thick.

What is the Liquid Touch Good for?

If this is like any other e cig, what’s so good about the Liquid Touch? The sensor is a novelty which could enable the battery to last longer. Some batteries lose the button before a battery runs out of power.

This is an excellent, discrete, portable product for travel. Anyone who is accustomed to other vape pens of a similar shape and size will probably like its dimensions very much and appreciate the choice of colors. White Rhino has a pretty good reputation, so although there are not many reviews yet owing to this being a relative newcomer, it is safe to give the Liquid Touch a try for $50.

It will not be the vaporizer you turn to in every situation, but it makes an excellent item to slip into a pocket for when you take the dog for a walk or take a fifteen-minute break at work with colleagues who won’t mind your e cig the way they detested your cigarettes.


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White Rhino Liquid Touch
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