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Perhaps the most popular and talked-about style of mod on the e cig market for autumn 2014 is the DNA box mod. It has a lot going for it: portability, many color and style options, and a special internal chip.

The Zamplebox DNA 30 Box Mod uses a cloned DNA chip and costs around $99, making it one of the more affordable options on the market. While other vendors and designers are offering black, stainless, or various shades of metallic finish, Zamplebox is working with a theme.

*Update* This is discontinued

If you want something comparable, and better priced, check out the Cana DNA 30 at Mt Baker Vapor


Zamplebox DNA 30 ModOverview of the Zamplebox DNA 30 Box Mod

This little green machine is covered in the Zamplebox logo and name so you will not be able to forget where it came from. Friends will ask you all the time what Zamplebox is, so your vaping device is also a vehicle for advertising. Affiliates should really own one.

If you like metallic green, then the Zamplebox Box Mod is excellent. DNA box mods allow you to adjust wattage, in this case from 7 watts to 30 watts. A slim internal chip reads resistance using a meter attached to the OLED screen where the reading comes up for you to see. You will also be able to read your output value.

Output is limited to 10 Amps to protect the machine, but that is just one protective feature. The chip also detects a shorted circuit and will not allow this to destroy your atomizer.

There is also overcharge protection in case your 18650 battery (not included) threatens to discharge excessive power. USB pass-through capability adds to the functionality of your Box Mod. Most tanks and RDAs or RBAs should fit smoothly on the threading.

Limited Edition

Only a small number of Zamplebox DNA 30 Box Mods have been built and released so yours will be a limited edition collector’s item. As such, a serial number etched into the side exists to confirm its authenticity.

Low Resistance

One of the major benefits of a DNA box mod with anything from a 30-watt maximum and up is its ability to tolerate sub-ohm resistance. Smaller box-shaped devices only reach about 15 watts and possibly as little as 0.8 ohms. A DNA 30 can handle even less. When your atomizer is wrapped to really low ohms, this allows you to create amazing plumes of white vapor.

With a 4- to 8.3-volt and 0.3- to 3.3-ohm range from Zamplebox, vapers can cover themselves in clouds if they want to. Dripping atomizers and special dripping juice will be put to excellent effect on a mod like this one.

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Zamplebox is primarily an e liquid subscription company. Customers typically encounter hardware such as this DNA 30 and other devices when they contemplate opening a monthly subscription to receive high-end e juice.



Zamplebox DNA 30 Box Mod
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