The best e cigs on the market in the mini e-cigarette or cigalike category (resembling the size of real cigarettes) are rated by lots of experts and consumers whose opinions lead to an average rating. Their opinions are based on the technology, flavor, vapor production, packaging, and a few other features of each company and product.

We’ve tried them all, and have picked our favorites to make this list of the best e-cig brands.

Considerations For Choosing An E-Cig

There are a few basic points you will want to consider in selecting an electronic cigarette to try out.

Here’s a few points we looked at in deciding on this list:

  • Price – both to get started, along with the cost of refills etc.
  • Flavor – This is crucial for someone looking for a viable alternative to smoking. Ask any smoker, and they are always very particular about their chosen flavor.
  • Battery Life – All e-cigs have batteries, and most are rechargeable (besides disposables), and the batteries are different sizes.


Which Are The Best E-Cig Brands of 2019?

1. Vaporfi

“One Stop Shop For Beginners Through Advanced Vapers”

Vaporfi Express e cigarette


  • Huge e-juice selection, and great juice prices.
  • Huge vaporizer selection, from mini cigs all the way up to box mods, and everything in between.
  • Great tank selection for eGo batteries.
  • Constantly adding new products to keep up with the vaping world.

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2. South Beach Smoke

“Long Lasting Mini Batteries Plus Vaporizers and E-Juice”

South Beach Deluxe Kit

More Highlights:

  • Great mini cigs, with long lasting batteries, and another tobacco flavor worth trying.
  • Mini tanks and a huge e-juice selection.
  • Custom eGo vape pen builder if you want one exactly a certain way.
  • Vaporizer line with a couple of advanced devices.

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Vaporfi Products For The New Year

Florida’s Vaporfi e cigs continues going from strength to strength with their assorted tanks, mods, and vaporizers. In 2015, they released two new lines of e juice and several e cigs while some products were taken out of the catalogue.

Consumers might get the sense that Vaporfi wants to streamline and focus on advanced vapers. As they have grown stronger in their business, this vape firm has become more high-tech, reflecting industry and consumer excitement about complex vape mods.

Some of the names below refer to e cigs that transcend the usual image of an e cig. When you were new to the field, you started with something that looked and felt as much like a cigarette as possible or maybe the width of a cigar. Over time, the desire to see thicker vapor and taste more flavor grew. Vaporfi obliged with their APVs.

The Rebel, Rocket, and Vox are just three of their advanced devices. You should be at least an intermediate vaper if you want to dabble in adjustable airflow and adjustable voltage or wattage. The Vox 60 with a Bolt atomizer, for instance, is an even more advanced machine reserved for sub ohm vapers.

Other high-end mods on the APV list include the Vice and the Edge.

Vaporfi Edge Mods

Customers should be experimenting with Reserve and Grand Reserve e liquids when they are applying low and sub-ohm coils to compatible tanks like the Volt or Rocket.

For Newbies

Starting out, you want something simple with as few buttons to manage as possible and not too much power. An Express closely resembles a real cigarette, so it’s going to fool you into thinking you’re still smoking, especially with a cartridge full of tobacco or menthol e juice. The Pro is still pretty easy to use and about the size of a cigar but you can choose a bright color and standard e liquids by Vaporfi are fantastic.

South Beach Smoke Products

South Beach Smoke has charted a steady course for almost a decade, first bringing mini cigs to beginner vapers and then vaporizers to new and existing clients. If you ever wished your favorite cigalike brand would give you new options so you didn’t have to switch some other brand when you wanted more vapor, you probably wish you had started vaping with the likes of South Beach Smoke when you first tried e cigs.

Mini Cigs

Their first product is a cigalike or “cigarette-like” vaporizer of similar dimensions and weight to a smoke. At South Beach Smoke there are two sizes, one of which reliably holds its charge for up to 5 hours until the battery starts to wear out. Even the smaller version is a 3- to 4-hour battery.

Starter kits come in several configurations containing multiple batteries, chargers, cartridges, and accessories. Watch out for sales: sets are already good value but discounts help you save more money, especially if you can pay some of your bill with reward points. Buy many cartridges at once to take advantage of volume discounts.

E Juice

South Beach Smoke cartridges come in 16 flavors, some of them unusually tropical considering what most brands offer. Try a citrus flavor, tobacco, or something minty and refreshing. South Beach Smoke also carries affordable e juice by the bottle. Buy a pre-mixed flavor or order a custom blend with up to 3 flavors.

Four Vaporizers

South Beach Smoke Custom Builder

The next level is vaping with a tank and a higher-powered battery. Customers can choose from the Air, Curve, Storm, or Thunder. The Curve and Storm come in assorted colors which you can mix and match. South Beach Smoke also lets customers create their own starter kits from pieces of each product. Combine the top of a Curve with the Thunder battery or a Storm battery with a Curve top. Add chargers, e juice, and you’re ready to vape.

Volcano ECigs

Beginners can start with the Inferno: an eGo type e cig featuring a BCT (Bottom Coil) tank and pass-through usability. A brightly-colored 650-mAh battery provides half a day of vaping but the 900 mAh (also supplied in a starter kit with its smaller companion) goes even longer with its matching tank.

Volcano even packages your hardware with a 15-ml bottle of their American-made e juice (your choice of flavor) plus spare 1.8-ohm coils. This is a great place to begin vaping, but Volcano carries advanced units like their LaveTube V2.5 with 15 watts of adjustable power, mechanical mods, and more. Start with Volcano and make this your vaping home into the future as well.

Halo E Cigs: Doubling the Line

Where once there were two e cigs, Halo Cigs has now added two more types. The first are their G6 and Triton and you will probably stop right there as a novice.

Halo Triton Kit

Either one is easy to operate even if you haven’t even picked up a disposable e cig before. The G6 is a mini cig but the Triton is a refillable eGo designed for durability on the job. Fill it with an award-winning US-made Halo e juice like the new Devlin sweet caramel e liquid.

The two new models are a Tracer cylindrical e cig (like the Rocket or Rebel by Vaporfi) and a Reactor mod with variable wattage.

This last one features a 4400-mAh battery, an LED screen, 0.5-ohm capability, and up to 50 watts of output.

NJOY: Authentic Vapor

Famed for their one-time e cigs — Kings — and a flavor that closely simulates that of real cigarettes, NJOY has grown from strength to strength. You can still buy a disposable, one of the new “Daily” disposables, or a rechargeable mini cig kit.

Bulk deals are excellent and bring the price of vaping down considerably. NJOY added eGo-style e cigs with pre-filled tanks and brought consumers the Artisan e juice series of five complex, gourmet flavors. NJOY isn’t just for casual vapers anymore.

Mig Vapor

The Mig 21 is an anomaly in the e cig world: long and slender like a real cigarette but topped with a clear tank. Hold a device in your hand that feels like your usual cigarette but enjoy the advantage of a clear, refillable tank you can fill with any flavor you want.

Mig Vapor (formerly known as Mig Cigs) produces their own brand of e juice too, so you don’t have to look far for flavor options. Mig Vapor also released several other e cigs including 1300-mAh and 1600-mAh eGos, variable voltage, and variable wattage pen-type vapes. Their catalogue shows a range encompassing everything from the absolute beginner to the advanced user with box mods, high-vegetable glycerin e juice, and herbal vaporizers.

Factors That Distinguish The Top E Cig Brands

With dozens of e cigarette brands to choose from, you need a way to figure out which ones are at the top. A top 10 list or chart wouldn’t hurt, but also a list of the top 5 reasons why we picked those brands out of all the others. It’s nothing to do with snazzy advertising. I did not select the cheapest, most expensive, or the flashiest-looking brands necessarily although price and looks feature here among other elements of what make five excellent electronic cigarettes.

Above are some of the top American names in the electronic cigarette/vaping business, but how did they beat out the others? Here are my top 5 reasons for selecting the top picks.

1. Simplicity

As a new vaper, the last thing you need is an excessive amount of choice. Of the devices listed here, V2’s e cig is the most basic. They only carry a mini cig rather than a load of eGos and mods as well unlike Vaporfi and Apollo which show more emphasis on advanced devices.

White Cloud isn’t bad either in that you’re only dealing with cigalikes, not mods. Their Fling disposable makes shopping really simple, but there are three types of battery to figure out. Mind you, consumers will find all the information they need clearly laid out.

Both of these firms present multiple types of starter kits but Halo keeps things really basic by configuring a single type of starter set but in multiple colors. V2 and Vapor4Life offer more selection.

2. Customer Service

None of these companies can be faulted on the basis of customer service. Each one is well known for offering their clients multiple ways to get in touch and for their courtesy. You can email them and take a ticket, talk to someone via live chat, call them on the phone, or get involved in a social media conversation. Read what other customers have to say and you will agree this is a great feature of each firm

3. Attractive Products

One thing I love about Halo’s G6 collection is the numerous colors they offer. V2 offers nearly as many with 5 colors for the Classic and 5 colors/patterns for the EX; everything from a basic white e cig battery to blossoms or playing cards.

White Cloud makes clean-looking cells in white but Vapor4Life offers several shades: red, yellow, blue, green, and so on. Green Smoke is best known for their white battery but they also carry a series of designer cells inspired by major US cities.

4. Great Flavors

Vaporfi is the runaway leader here with an endless amount of flavors to try, and at very reasonable prices.

White Cloud Fling disposables and the company’s refills for rechargeable systems are available in numerous attractive flavors like Bora Bora, Espresso, and Guava. Green Smoke offers a restricted list, but they are known for the freshness of their cartridges whether menthol, tobacco, or clove. They triple-seal their cartomizers to ensure the flavor is excellent every time.

Vapor4Life lists one of the largest selections of e cig flavors around with their WOW product: Kiwi Apple Strawberry, Rainbow Candy, and assorted styles of tobacco, for instance. V2’s 12 flavors include grape, cherry, 3 types of tobacco, 3 menthol/mint types, a few desserts, and the occasional special edition.

Halo makes one of the industry’s favorite blends of e juice, available as bottled e liquid and in pre-filled cartridges. They are well known particularly for their assortment of authentic tobacco flavors.

5. Great Company

It feels good to support a company with great customer service but also one that people love to work for. White Cloud has been an award-winner on that front. Vapor4Life gives off the aura of a family business or a firm that treats employees like family while maintaining professionalism. Consumers can become affiliates, earn points, or even work from one of these US businesses that have helped create high standards in a young industry.

Tips When Shopping For Vaping Products

Unless you are brand-loyal or generally prefer a cigalike to an eGo or mod, the easiest way to shop for vaping products is to find an all-purpose vendor. This store will carry assorted products and stocks everything you want or need to vape regularly and effectively. What vaping products does a person really need and which are the best stores? Let’s take a close look at your options.

The Vaper’s Tool Kit

Vaping essentials vary according to your level. A new vaper or one using a cigalike or an eGo needs very little equipment. There is the battery — a consumer should own at least a second one of these to keep charged, ready for when the other runs out of juice.

New vapers require e juice and a vessel which might be pre-filled or could be refillable. A USB charger is necessary at a minimum but an AC adapter helps. Extras at this level include pre-filled cartomizers, new clearomizers replacements or refillable cartomizers as well as thin e juice, a portable charging case, and a carry case for your items. E juice is often easier to drip through a narrow space using a syringe as well.

More advanced vapers often have to buy replacement coils for their e juice containers, spare drip tips for the ones that get lost, syringes, and batteries to insert into their APV tubes. An eGo or cigalike battery is the base of the unit but complex machines run on separate cells, so a special charger should go on the list.

Many vapers like to keep cleaning equipment on hand like swabs or Q-tips. They maintain a stock of spare tanks and tank parts such as glass tubes, screws, O-rings, and tools plus a coil-building kit and metal wire if they make their own heating elements. A monitor allows them to double check the accuracy of firmware onboard a vape mod which reads resistance, voltage, wattage, and temperature.

E-juice Blending Bundle

Numerous e-juice companies got their start when an amateur e-juice maker was encouraged to start a business based on how luscious friends found his blends to be. Even if you are not making e-juice to sell, there are several things your kit should contain.

Purchase bottles, syringes, stirring sticks, and funnels all made from food-safe materials. You will, of course, require the ingredients which include plain vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, flavorings, and nicotine if you still use it.

E-Juice Shopping

Most consumers buy e juice ready-made. It might need to steep but is otherwise completely blended and ready to go. Selecting e juice is one of the hardest parts of being a vaping shopper. Here are some tips for choosing an e juice supplier who might or might not be your electronics supplier or brand:

• price: do some research as to reasonable costs for a brand you like
• buy a brand with the nicotine level you want
• look at quality: USP ingredients, natural or organic if you so desire, glass bottles, and approved bottling/mixing facilities
• blends should contain acetyl propionyl or diacetyl

Vendor Specifics

After you tally your bill online there could be a shock coming to you: the price of shipping. There is usually a limit where vapers can secure free shipping if their total is high enough. Typical figures include $50, $75, and $100. Once you get over the given threshold, you pay nothing for shipping. Find out what that is because shipping fees add to the overall costs of products which otherwise seem to be competitively priced.

Examine guarantees and warranties. E-juice is never covered but electronics should be subject to a 30-day money back guarantee in the event they arrive broken or fail to meet expectations. Shopping online is cheaper than buying goods from street-level shops but you are supporting local business by stopping by the vape shop downtown. Make use of loyalty points and promotions to receive discounts.

Work with brand names. This is your safest bet if the company you deal with is an authorized reseller carrying authentic products by Innokin, Kanger, Smok, and Joyetech. Other reliable brands, also from China, include Sigelei, Aspire, and Uwell.

Only buy goods which match your vaping level. The first time you try an advanced system, get someone to show you up close how it works. This is a good time to turn to the local guy. You’re paying for in-person service besides electronics and e-juice.


Free Offers

Great e cig companies don’t offer you free trials. They don’t have to: word of mouth and excellent reviews, not to mention profits, have proven how worthy a company is. Free trials are usually adopted by companies who can’t make any headway and are often scams.

Customers constantly report being duped into handing over credit card details to pay for shipping; details that are subsequently used to charge these individuals for regular shipments they didn’t sign up for. When they try to contact the company, phones are not answered, emails are ignored, and the BBB wades in with their F-grade but no one seems able to do anything about getting consumers’ money back.

Disposables vs. Kits

A few companies make disposable e cigs but not rechargeable kits. They find that their clients are not going to quit smoking completely or would not enjoy the hassle of recharging e cigs. These firms also produce some of the most authentic-tasting juices around.

Most customers prefer a rechargeable kit, however. These provide thick vapor and a responsible alternative to the vast amounts of e waste created by disposable e cigs. In the long run they work out cheaper too.

Almost all e cig catalogues include disposables and rechargeable bundles so you don’t have to choose one or the other. A few run recycling programs to help keep e-waste out of landfills.

Established Companies

New companies are coming into the market, but they will have to contend with the ones that got there first and won over a substantial selection of consumers. The older firms include Vapor4Life, Bull Smoke, Halo Cigs, V2 Cigs, and Volcano. SmokeTip, Smoke 51, and NJoy are just a few more, but the list is extensive.

Customer service at a few of these companies is exceptional. They have grown large enough to create dedicated departments that only handle emails, phone calls, and correspondence from clients. This allows them to be prompt and unhurried when dealing with customers. Even if clients are phoning to complain, they tend to hang up feeling better than ever about the firm in question.

While burgeoning businesses are able to begin their careers with the latest technology, the old guys keep up too. Notice that many devices feature a “V2.0” or “V3.0” next to them. This signifies that the company has upgraded the original version in response to customer suggestions.

E Liquids from the Best Companies

A few brands of e cigs are accompanied by cartomizers filled with American-made e liquid. The rest are filled with Chinese juice. Halo Cigs, South Beach Smoke, Apollo, and Volcano E Cigs are three companies that fill cartomizers with US juices and also carry e liquids by the bottle. Halo is particularly well known for their tasty tobacco e liquids. Chinese juice tends to be sweeter and less realistic than American e juice, especially the tobacco styles. It is also easier to see how quality is controlled when the juice comes from America.

Growing with Customers

You are buying a product for right now, but think about the future. If your short list came down to four companies — say, Bull Smoke, VaporFi, Halo Cigs, and Green Smoke — which one would take you furthest?

Bull Smoke and Green Smoke only make cigalikes: those devices that closely resemble real cigarettes. They only make a small number of flavors: 8 in the case of Green Smoke, 10 from Bull Smoke. Each one sells various battery sizes and disposable e cigs, but neither one carries eGo batteries or e liquid.

Halo Cigs makes the Triton Tank System for intermediate vapers, allowing them to refill tanks and enjoy greater power, but they do not make advanced mods.

VaporFi sells 5 types of e cigarette starter kits and carries a 6th style in the accessories department. These range from the Express cigalike through eGos such as the Pro to a telescopic Rebel for advanced customers. They sell 5 flavors or cartomizers, which is paltry, but also carry several flavors of bottled e liquid and encourage customers to order custom blends. VaporFi is clearly able to adjust to a client’s progressing needs for power and variety.

Value for Money

Halo, Cigavette, Volt, and Apollo offer excellent value for money. Their prices are excellent yet they also carry stellar products. Some of the pricier products could give you better quality, but you would be surprised by how much more expensive some are. A super-expensive product is not necessarily excellent. You can find quality and affordability in the same package.

The Best E Cig

As you can see, there is no single e cig that will do the trick for everyone. Some of the best products on the market right now are made by VaporFi, Halo Cig, Green Smoke, and V2 Cigs. The last one has dominated this market for a long time and their vapor production is excellent, but they use Chinese e juice. With blanks, however, it is possible to refill V2 Cigs with anything you like.

Triple 7, Volt, White Cloud, and NJoy are four more winners. The White Cloud line includes some excellent flavors of low-priced disposables. The others offer attractive, tasty products.

The Best E-Cigarettes Review Guide
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