So which are the best box mods in the various wattage classes?

This is an area of vaping devices that is on the serious rise, as vapers are moving to 30, 50 and 100 watt machines.

What is it about a box-shaped e cig that has so many vapers excited, willing to pay $100 or more dollars (even more than $200) for a device with no battery or tank? Why are they turning heads in spite of the beautiful tube mods out there?

Box mods are exciting because they are generally variable wattage devices; at least, that is what consumers are usually talking about. In their eyes, a box mod almost automatically features a 20 watt maximum or better, sub-ohm capacity, and a smart chip. As for the “box” style, that’s flexible. Some are boxier than others.

Best Box Mods Of 2018:

High End Model Info Price


75W SS316i/VW Removable 18650

$79.99 + Free Shipping

SMOK Alien

220W Dual 18650 VW/Ni/Ti/SS

$54.95 & Free Shipping

LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod Lavabox DNA 200 Removable 900 mAh LiPo Ti/Ni200/VW

$169.99 At Volcano Ecigs

SX Mini Q Class Mods

SX Mini Q Class 200W YiHi SX450J Dual 18650 VW/Ni/Ti/SS & Joule $199.99 & Free Shipping


Lost Vape Therion DNA75

DNA75W VW/TC Dual 18650

$129.95 & Free Shipping

Mid Range Model Info Price/Promos


40W SS316/Ni/VW Built-In 2200mAh


Picos iStick Pico 75W VW/Ni/Ti/SS/TCR Single 18650 $34.20 With Coupon VISTATEN
Kanger TOPBOX Mini Starter Kits TopBox Mini 75W Ti/Ni/VW/SS/NiCr Single 18650 $54.95 & Free Shipping
Reuleaux RX75 Amor Mini Kit Wismec Reuleaux RX75 Amor Mini Kit 75W VW/Bypass Ni/Ti/SS/TCR Single 18650

$54.95 & Free Shipping

For Beginners Model Info Price
Vaporfi Pro 3 Colors

Pro 3

2.5ml Tank & 1000mAh Battery

$43.99 With This Coupon

Eleaf iNanos iStick iNano 10 Watts, Built-In 0.8 ml Tank & Built in 650mAh Battery

$17.09 With Coupon DNA10

Coolfire IV Mods Cool Fire IV Kit 40 Watts, 4000mAh Built-In Battery & 4ml Tank $48.95 & Free Shipping
Innokin iTaste SD20 iTaste SD20 20 Watts, Built-In 4.5 ml Tank & Built-In 2000mAh Battery $39.95 & Free Shipping


Best 18650 Batteries for Vaping

Model Specs Price


18650 2500mAh 35A


LG HE4 18650 35 amp 2500mAh


18650 2500mAh 35A

$9.95 & Free Shipping

Sony VTC4s

Sont VTC4

18650 2100mAh 30A

$23.95 (2pk) & Free Shipping

Brillipower 40a 3100 MAh 18650s


18650 3100mAh 40A

$16.95 (2pk) & Free Shipping

Efest IMR 3000mAh 35A 18650

Efest IMR

18650 3000mAh 35A

$10.95 & Free Shipping


Vaporfi VOX 80 TC (Sub Ohm) – 80 Watts – $69.99

Comes with built-in 4000mAh Li-Po Battery!

If you want a top quality mod from an excellent brand, to either have complete control of your vaping experience, or to blow huge vapor clouds, this is the mod for you.


  • Adjustable Power Output From 1-80 Watts
  • Digital OLED Screen
  • Fires Down To 0.05 Ohms in TC Mode
  • Temperature Range 200-600 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • 510 Threaded Spring Loaded Connection Pin
  • Protection: Reverse Battery, Short Circuit, Low Voltage and Low Resistance
  • Silver Plated Electrodes
  • 3 month warranty

It has a nice, simple design, with a blend of rounded edges and corners to combine geometry with fluidity.



Distinguished Aspects of The VOX 80 TC:

  • 3 Month Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Fast Shipping
  • You deal with Vaporfi directly, as opposed to a third party retailer
  • Live Customer Support Team to assist you with product technical support (6 days a week)

Check out The VOX 80 TC Here

10% Off The VOX 80 TC

VOX 80 Starter Kit – $107.99

This kit includes the VOX 80 TC mod and your choice of tank & juice (everything you need).

Check out the VOX 80 TC Mod Kit Here

10% Off VOX 80 Bundle

Lavabox Starter Kit:

Lavabox DNA 200 Box Mod Kit

Included In Kit:

  • Lavabox DNA 200 Mod
  • Tube Tank Pro
  • Internal Battery
  • 15 ml Volcano E-juice


Vaporfi Rebel III

Vaporfi Rebel III

This is a recently released all in one vape from Vaporfi. It isn’t exactly a box mod, but it is definitely in this family.

If you are looking for a simple, easy to use device with no adjustments needed, just lots of vapor, this may be a nice choice for you.


  • 5.8ml Tank Capacity
  • 3000mAh Built-In Battery
  • 0.5 ohm Coil

Buy: $69.99 at Vaporfi



HOT Starter Kits


Kanger KBOX 200W Bundle – Starting At $108.79

This is a brand new release from Kanger, their new 200 watt KBOX, that comes with temperature control.

This kit comes with your choice of the most popular tanks.

Kanger KBOX 200 Bundle


  • 1 Kangertech KBOX 200W Mod
  • Your choice of the SMOK TFV4, Crown Uwell, or the Sense Herakles
  • 2 18650 Batteries
  • 1 High Drain Charger





SMOK R200 Bundle – Starting At $91.87

Here you can get a full bundle starting at under $100!

This is a 200W device, and the bundle comes with your choice of tank, 2-18650 cells, and a charger!

Smok R200 TC Bundle


  • SMOKTECH R200 200W TC
  • 1 2500 mAh High Drain Efest 18650’s
  • Battery Charger
  • Choice of TFV4, Herakles, Crown or TopTank Mini

Buy The R200 TC Bundle:




Kanger NEBOX Bundle $106.82

NEBOX Starter Kit

Kit Includes:

  • NEBOX Of Your Color Choice
  • 5 x Kanger Nickel TC Ni200 Organic Cotton Coils
  • Motley Brew Old Fashioned (30ML)
  • Efest 35A IMR 18650 2500mAh Flat Top Battery
  • Efest LUC V2 Charger
  • Honeycomb Drip Tip (Jet Black)

Buy The Kit At:



5 Great E-Juice Brands

Over a hundred US-made e juice brands are available; maybe more like a thousand. That’s how it seems, but while getting things in proportion you can really tell the difference between some of the better brands and their lesser competition. It’s all about flavor and quality, things that stand out to advantage when you taste the flavors of the following five flavors of e juice.

Vaporfi E Liquid

What is it about Vaporfi that gets them noticed? They were not the first company to encourage consumers’ creativity with e juice but they advertise this aspect of the business more and also carry a small selection of pre-made flavors.

As a result, customers really have to consider blending their own if they want to branch out and they have done so. The menu grows slowly and contains many exotic mixtures.

The best thing about this company is their standards. They only incorporate USP ingredients, non-allergenic vegetable glycerin from Malaysia, and their formulae are registered with the FDA. They mix juices and bottle them in an FDA lab.

While e cig users are often considered non-conformists, Vaporfi was proactive about complying with upcoming FDA announcements in order to help legitimize the industry. You can’t say they weren’t using their noggins at Vaporfi. Their juice contains up to 24 mg of nicotine and costs $15.99 per 30 ml. The Reserve series is thick enough for sub-ohm vaping.


Halo Purity and V-Type

The Purity series at Halo has always put an emphasis on the same quality ingredients Vaporfi insists on such as FEMA/GRAS-approved flavorings mixed with USP bases at an approved lab. They also focus on tobacco: traditional American, historical, and exotic forms of it. There is Cavendish, Turkish, dry, sweet, strong, and earthy tobacco. Add a few menthol styles and some of their more dessert-type offerings and the list is still mostly about tobacco.

Halo Eliquids

Their e juice is so good, however, that Halo Purity stands next to expensive bottles from Five Pawns and the Standard and holds its own in the vaping market place despite being more affordable ($5.99 per 7 ml). Halo recently released V-Type e juice too with more vegetable glycerin for sub-ohm vaping.


Space Jam

All of the flavors at Space Jam are space-themed, like Astro apple/strawberry and Starship One vanilla custard/kiwi.

Space Jam Juice

They have developed a reputation for honing in on a few excellent varieties their customers love and slowly developing new types when the creative urge hits. A 30-ml bottle costs $21.99, so this isn’t the cheapest e juice around, but flavors are bottled in glass so nothing affects the flavor of juice left to steep on a shelf.


Cosmic Fog

Like Space Jam, this is another gourmet e juice and the two companies started in California where e juice seems to run in people’s veins.

Cosmic Fog Juice

Their excellent and popular flavors include Church (like an ice cream sundae) and Cola Gummy (no explanation needed) and they cost about $12 per 15-ml glass bottle. At Space Jam and Cosmic Fog, attention is paid to carefully contriving flavors which seem, on second thought, to blend naturally. You should notice individual notes yet wonder why no one ever thought of these combinations before.


Charlie Noble

The people at Vape Dojo invented a high-vegetable glycerin e juice named for a nautical legend.

Charlies custard

Their list is impressively long and, like the others listed above, they use only the best ingredients. Their series now include Admiral’s Reserve, Yogurt, and their original selection. Experience a mixture of banana, cream, caramel, and vanilla in Sollers Pointe tobacco e juice.

Try a breakfast cereal vape with Treasure Island 2. Explore Chocolate Mousse, Fruit on the Bottom, or Smoked Yogurt. A 30-ml bottle is $13.99 in this series; $6.99 buys 15 ml of the original line. From the Admiral’s Reserve select Pistachio RY4 or Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream priced $15.99 for 30 ml. It’s all delectable and affordable.


Kanger KBOX 200 TC Mod – $44.94

Kanger KBOX 200W WhiteThis is the most powerful of the KBOX mods released by Kangertech. These are all sleek, and compact mods, especially this 200W version since it is a dual 18650 mod.

There are a few innovative features in this device to help produce the best vapor possible.


  • 7-200 Watts Power Output
  • Softer Vapor Through 1000x Per Second Temperature Regulation
  • Supports Ni, Ti SS316 and NiChrome
  • Fires Down To 0.05 ohm in TC

Two 18650 Cells Required For Operation

Buy The KBOX 200 For $44.95:



Kangertech TOPBOX Mini Kit 75 Watts – $54.95

Kanger TOPBOX Mini Starter KitsThis is the latest mod starter kit released by Kangertech.

It is similar to the SUBOX Mini kit which is another excellent choice, which is why it is only a few spots down from this one.

The major difference with the TOPBOX Mini Kit is that it fires up to 75 watts, as opposed to 50 watts, and the tank has a top-filling feature for super easy refills.

If you haven’t used a top fill tank yet, you will probably be converted forever, since it makes filling so convenient!

One Really cool feature about this kit for DIYers and newbs alike is that it also includes an RBA and cotton, whether you already know how to build coils, or if not, it is there in case you do decide to build your own.

TOPBOX Mini Kit With RBA and Cotton


  • 75W Kanger KBOX Mini Mod
  • 4ml Kanger TOPTANK Mini
  • RBA, Cotton and Hardware
  • 0.5 ohm Clapton Coil
  • 0.5 Ohm SS Coil
  • 0.15 Ohm Nickel Coil

Single 18650 Cell Required For Use

Buy The TOPBOX Mini: (Free Shipping)


Eleaf iStick Pico Kit (75 Watts) – $39.95

istick pico kitsThis comes with a tank!

This is a new miniature device from Eleaf (iSmoka) that has a lot of features, and power, for a tiny device that fits in the palm of your hand.

It has Nickel, Titanium and SS TC modes, along with 3 TCR modes.

This kit also comes with the new Melo III atomizer.


  • Power Output from 1-75 Watts
  • Fires Down To 0.05 ohm in TC Modes
  • Ti, Ni, SS, Wattage, Bypass and TCR Modes
  • Temperature Range: 200-600 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • 2ml E-Juice Capacity In The Melo III
  • 0.3 ohm coils Included

Requires 1 18560 Battery

Buy The iStick Pico Kit: (Free Shipping)



Lavabox DNA 200 Mod – $169.99

This is a recently released mod by Volcano E-Cigs, with the highly anticipated DNA 200 Chip by Evolv Vapor.

This is a beautiful, top quality mod, with all the power you could possibly use, along with the finesse of an Evolv DNA200 Chip.


  • Evolv Vapor DNA 200 Chip
  • Removable 900 mAh Lithium Battery
  • Gold-Plated Spring Loaded 510 Connection
  • Power Output 1-200 Watts
  • Temperature Control
  • Temperature Range: 200-600 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • HD OLED Display
  • Protections: Low Voltage, High Voltage, Over-Discharge, Short Circuit






Innokin CoolFire IV TC 100 Temperature Control Vaping SystemInnokin Cool Fire IV TC100W Temp Control Vaping System – $74.95

Comes with a tank and an internal battery!

Here is a newly released device from one of the best manufacturers in the vaping industry, Innokin.

This is their first temp control mod, and it comes with a new AETHON chipset.


  • Innokin Cool Fire IV TC100 Mod – 100 Watts Of Power Output
  • Innokin iSub V Tank (3ml Capacity)
  • Ni200, Ti and SS TC Modes
  • 3300mAh Built In Battery
  • Gold-Plated Spring-Loaded 510 Connection



Kanger SUBOX Mini Kit (50 Watts) – $51.00**

Kanger SUBOX blackKanger Subtank Mini Sub-Ohm Tank Included!

This is a new box mod released by KangerTech, not a long time after they released the 40w KBOX.

This is a sharp looking device, and currently you can get it with the Subtank Mini for an amazing price!


  • 510 Connection
  • 0.5 and 1.5 Ohm OCC coils
  • Subtank Mini included with kit
  • Variable wattage from 10-50 watts

This device needs 1 18650 battery.


** Price after discount code:

Use promo code VISTATEN for 10% off at Vista Vapors!





Kanger Tech Dripbox (Squonker, Dripper and Rebuildable Deck) – 60 Watts – $39.95

Kanger DripBox ModsPerfect for beginners looking to try dripping!

Kanger has come out with yet another cutting edge device. This is a bottom feed device where the e-juice is inside the mod, and it holds 7ml!

It also has the option of building your own coils for DIYers.


  • One Kangertech Subdrip and Dripmod
  • Bottom Feed Internal Tank Squonk System
  • 2 Pre-Built Coils
  • 7.0 ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • Fires Down To 0.2 ohms

Requires 1 18650 Cell For Operation



Joyetech Cuboid 150W TC – $32.26**

Joyetech Cuboid Mods

This is a recent release from the well known manufacturer Joyetech.

One of the coolest new features of this device is that it shows both 18650 batteries on the digital display:

Cuboid Display


  • Temperature Control with TCR For SS, Ti & Ni200
  • Available 200 Watt Firmware Upgrade
  • OLED Screen
  • Spring Loaded 510 Connection
  • Multiple Modes: VW/TCR/VT-SS316/VT-Ti/VT-Ni
  • Protections: Low Voltage, Overtemp, Short Circuit and Reverse Polarity

This device needs 2 18650 batteries


** Price after discount code:

Use promo code NEWMFS15 for 15% off your first order at My Freedom Smokes!



Vaporfi VOX Mini (40 Watts) – $29.99

Comes With A Built-In Battery!

VOX Mini 40WThis is a new release from Vaporfi, a miniature sized version of their VOX 50, with plenty of power, in a much more compact size.

If you want a mini mod with a great amount of power, this may be a good choice for you.


  • Power Output 7-40 Watts
  • Fires Down To 0.3 Ohms
  • 35A 2500 mAh Internal Battery
  • Digital OLED Screen
  • Ohm Resistance Meter
  • Spring Loaded 510 Connection
  • Pass Through (Vape While You Charge)
  • Protections: Low Voltage, Low Resistance.


Buy The Vox Mini:




VOX Mini Kit – $44.99

The VOX Mini is also available as a starter kit, with your choice of Vaporfi tanks.

VOX Mini starter kit

What’s Included:

  • Your Choice Of Volt, Rebel Or Vice Tank
  • VOX Mini 40W Mod
  • Charging Cable

This comes with an internal battery!




Eleaf iStick – 100 Watts – $34.95

100 Watt Eleaf iSticksAnd if you like ‘wattage per buck’ deals, this one is right there with the Tesla, just with half the power (100 Watts).

Eleaf (iSmoka) has just released a new high powered model to their very popular line of iSticks.

If you are looking for a simple, easy to use, high-powered device, check this one out.


  • 5-100 Watts Power Output
  • 510 Connection
  • Fires Down to 0.15 Ohms
  • Magnetic Battery Cover For Ease Of Use
  • Protections: Short Circuit, Low Voltage, Atomizer and Temperature
  • Temperature Alarm Feature
  • Pass Through Charging (Vape While You Charge)

This device requires 2 high AMP 18650 Batteries.






SMOK R200 200 Watt TC Mod – $49.95

Comes With Temperature Control!

SMOK R200 in BlackThis is a brand new release from SMOKTECH. If you are looking for a very high powered, compact device, at a great price, this may be a good choice for you.


  • 1-200 Watts Power Output
  • OLED Display
  • Spring Loaded 510 Connection
  • Fires Down To 0.06 Ohms in TC Mode
  • Temperature Range: 200-600 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Magnetic Battery Door
  • 24k Gold Plated Positive & Negative Terminals
  • Made From Aluminum & Zinc Alloy

2 18650 Batteries Required For Operation



Box Mod Batteries

Most box mods either have an internal built-in battery, or they will use 1, 2 and sometimes 3 18650 batteries. Here are a couple we recommend:

LG HE4 18650 35 amp 2500mAh

LG HE4 18650 35 amp 2500mAh

Buy The LG:


Samsung INR 2500 mAh 18650-25R

Samsung INR 18650-25R

Buy The Samsung:


Cool Fire IV Plus 70W With iSub Apex – $63.95

Comes With an Internal Battery and Tank!

Cool Fire IV Plus With iSub ApexThis is a sweet kit from the wildly popular brand Innokin. It is a 70 watt sub-ohm capable mod that comes with a perfectly matched tank.

It has an internal 3300mAh battery for quite a few hours of vaping.

It is a perfect starter bundle for someone looking to try out some sub-ohm vaping.


  • Innokin Cool Fire IV Plus 70 Watt Mod
  • Internal 3300mAh battery
  • Innokin iSub Apex 3ml sub-om tank

Buy The Cool Fire IV PLus iSub Apex Kit:


Wismec RX200 – $37.95

Powered By Three 18650 Batteries!

Wismec RX200sThis is a new device that comes on the heels of a lot of hype and excitement. It is uniquely shaped like no other due to the design by Jay Bo.


  • RX200 Chip
  • OLED Screen
  • Stainless 510 Thread Connection
  • Power Output From 1-200 Watts
  • Nickel and Titanium Temp Modes
  • Temperature Range From 200-600 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Fires Down To 0.05 Ohms in TC

Needs 3 18650 Batteries For Operation




Kangertech NEBOX TC All-In-One (60 Watts) – $49.95

Kanger NEBOX ColorsBuilt in Tank Included!

This is one of the latest mods released by Kanger, and their first all-in-one device featuring a built tank, making this newb friendly, and simple to use.


  • Temperature Control
  • Pre-Installed Ni200 Coil
  • OLED Screen
  • MASSIVE Built In 10ML E-Juice Capacity
  • Power Output Up To 60 Watts

One 18650 Battery Required For Operation

Internal 10ml Sub-Ohm Tank Included!




Kanger TOPBOX Nano TC Starter Kit (60 Watts) – $59.95

Vape Tank Included!

Kanger TOPBOX Nano TC ModsThis is the latest device from Kanger Tech, similar to the SUBOX Mini, with some new colors, and with the new Toptank Nano, and has temperature control.


  • Topbox Nano 60W TC Box Mod
  • Toptank Nano Tank
  • 510 Threaded
  • 0.5 & 1.5 Ohm Coils
  • 7-50 Watts Output Power

This device needs 1 18650 battery.




DIYers – Build Your Own Coils

Coil Master DIY Kit V3

This comes with everything you need to build your own atomizer coils.

Buy The Coil Master V3 Kit:




Full Kit With Sub-Ohm Tank

Innokin Cool Fire IV Kit w/SubTank Mini (40 Watts) – $48.95Coolfire IV Mods*
Innokin is raising the bar for ‘Mod Per Buck’ with their new Cool Fire.

It is a very aesthetically pleasing device, and pushes a good amount of power.

If you are looking to dabble with low ohms, and are on a budget, this is tough to beat, especially since this kit also includes a tank, and built-in battery.


  • Fires down to 0.2 ohms
  • 2000 mAh Internal Battery
  • Pass Through (Vape While Charging)
  • Spring Loaded 510 Connection
  • Adjustable Wattage From 6-40 Watts
  • Low Voltage Warning Indicator
  • Short Circuit, Over-Discharge and Atomizer Protection
  • Uses Vrms DC Current (Super Efficient and Accurate Energy Distribution)
  • Innokij iSub Tank

This comes with an internal battery!

As you can see, Innokin loaded a ton into this very affordable device.




Cool Fire IV With The New iSub G Tank – $58.95

Cool Fire IV With iSub G

Buy: htp://



Cool Fire IV Plus iSub Apex Starter Kit $63.71**

This is the latest release of the Innokin Cool Fire IV, and this kit comes with their new Apex Sub Ohm Tank.

This is an upgraded version that puts out 70 watts, and also has a 3300 mAh LiPo battery.

Cool Fire IV Plus iSub Apex Starter Kit


** Price after discount code:

Use promo code NEWMFS15 for 15% off your first order at My Freedom Smokes!


HCigar VT 200 – DNA 200 Mod (200 Watts) – $174

This mod comes with temperature control!

Hcigar VT 200This is a new mod from HCigar featuring the new Evolv DNA 200 chip.

They’ve combined high power with the beautiful finesse of the Evolv chip, to come out with this beast.


  • Spring Loaded 510 Connection Pin
  • OLED Display
  • 1300 mAh Internal Battery
  • Pass Through Vaping
  • Power Output From 1-200 Watts
  • Temperature Range From 200-600 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Fores Down To 0.08 Ohms in TC Mode
  • High Temp, Short Circuit, Low Resistance & Low Voltage Protection





Innokin Disrupter (50 Watts) – $46.90 DisruptersThis is the newest release from the very well known brand Innokin, with their own proprietary Innocell battery.

This is a new type of battery option, where the battery attaches to the mod, so you can easily attach them, and even have a spare fully charged so there is no down time.


  • Fires Down To 0.2 Ohms
  • Power Output 6-50 Watts
  • OLED Flip Screen
  • Innokin Slide n’ Lock System
  • Remembers Last Settings Used
  • 2000 mAh Innokincell Battery (available in different colors)
  • Vape While Charging
  • Protections: Overcharging, Overheating, Auto Shutoff and Short Circuit

This Is How The Proprietary Innokincell Attaches:

disrupter battery

Here Are The Available Innokincell Colors:

Innokincell batteries

As you can see, Innokin took things to the next level with this device.

It may not be the most powerful, but it likely has the most features of any similar mod out there at this time, along with a concept like no other product, with their proprietary battery.


Note: you will need to buy the battery and the mod separately. Total cost comes to $50.94





Innokin iTaste MVP V3.0 – 30 watts – $47.69**

Innokin iTaste MVP V3.0This is the latest in the line of Innokin box mods, the MVP version 3.0.

They clearly are looking to make a competitive machine in this fast growing sector of the vaping industry.

This is similar to the V2, with 30 watts of power, rather than just 15.

It’s a well thought out device, and if you’re on the market for a great performing 30w device for under $100, you can’t go wrong with this.

This comes with an internal battery!


** Price after discount code:

Use promo code 10off for 10% off at Mount Baker Vapor!

PS: All Mt Baker Orders Come With 1 Free E-Juice!!


SMY 260 Watt Mod – $80

smy 260 blue

If you are into horsepower and such, this mod is probably for you.

Maybe even the 200w Snowwolf still isn’t, or you just want an insane amount of power.

It puts out 260 watts of power!


  • Adjustable wattage from 5-260 watts
  • Sub ohm down to 0.3 ohms
  • Temperature sensor
  • 510 connection
  • Multiple protection features (short circuit, low voltage etc.)

This device is powered by 3 18650 batteries



eLeaf iStick Mini – 10 Watts – $21**

iStick miniIf you are looking for the tiniest, and by far the cutest box mod available, look no further than the eLeaf iStick Mini.

This version of the well known iStick is almost the same, besides the display being on the top, next to the 510 connector, rather than on the side.

The screen shows the battery life and puff count.

Available in pink, blue, silver and black.

This comes with an internal battery!


** Price after discount code:

Use promo code ELEAF for 5% off eLeaf products at Central Vapors! (Good through 5/31/15)



More Vape Mod Starter Kit Bundles

My Freedom Smokes has a few more bundles if you are looking for a full starter kit to save money:


Check out the selection of Vape Mod bundles at MyFreedomSmokes here.

Be sure to enter coupon code NEWMFS15 for 15% off your first order at My Freedom Smokes!



eLeaf iStick – 30 Watts – $29.95

eleaf istickThis is an upgraded version of the well received original 20 watt iStick.

This device has many features built into it to give the user the optimum vaping experience, along with full control of their vape.

Some Features:

  • Sub Ohm Capable, Supporting Coils Down To 0.4 ohms
  • 2200 mAh battery
  • OLED screen
  • Short circuit protection for the atomizer
  • Pass through capability (vape while you charge)

This is a nice mod with decent power for anyone looking into a well priced box mod that supports sub ohm coils.

30 watts is more than enough power for most people’s needs




eLeaf iStick – 20 Watts – $26.99**

20 watt iStickThis is an extremely popular, and very affordable mod.

If you are looking for a nice simple mod, and a decent price point, this may be the device for you.


  • 2200 mAh Battery
  • OLED screen
  • 510 threading
  • Adjustable voltage from 3-5.5 volts
  • Low voltage protection
  • Atomizer short circuit protection

This comes with an internal battery!


** Price after discount code:

Use promo code 10OFF for 10% off your first order at Mount Baker Vapor!

PS: All Mt Baker Orders Come With 1 Free E-Juice!!


SMOK XPRO BT50W (Sub Ohm) – 50 watts – $80

smok xpro bt50 blackThis could be a tech geek’s dream.

This is a beautiful 50 watt box mod from the renowned company SMOKTECH.

Visually, it does resemble a few others, like the Sigelei and IPV (above and below), although it has a different feature – Bluetooth connectivity.

There is an app you can use with your iPhone or Android to make adjustments on the device.

Possible adjustments include fully mechanical mode, as well as adjustable voltage and wattage.

If you are into tech gadgets, and having full control of your vape, you may love this machine.

Here’s a screenshot of the options through the app:



  • iPhone/Android App
  • Adjustments from 6 – 50 watts
  • Adjustable 510 connection
  • DNA style display screen
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Anodized finish
  • Sub Ohm down to 0.2 ohms

This mod needs a single 18650 battery.




Innokin iTaste MVP V2.0 – 11 watts – $33**

Innokin iTaste MVP V2.0A box mod does not have to provide excess power and cloud-chasing capacity to be worth your money.

Note: This price offered by Mount Baker Vapor is a KILLER DEAL btw (usually this is $60, which is still a decent price).

This is one of the most loved, original box style mods, and they are price slashing since newer models have come out. If you are getting your first box mod, this is a great one!

Innokin makes excellent box mods like the MVP which is not capable of high-watt, low-ohm use but is a power bank, a sleek and slim machine, and much cheaper than some of the other boxes listed. Those new to VW items should start with Innokin.

This is 510 threaded and has a nice price point

This is a very well known, popular box mod.

It features variable wattage adjustment from 6-11 watts and voltage can be adjusted from 3.3 to 5.0 volts.

It is available in a couple elegant colors like grey, black and white, and when purchasing from MBV, they offer 1 free 15ml e juice with purchase.

Check out the connector, which allows you to charge your smartphone, too cool!


** Price after discount code:

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Billet Box Mod – $180

For the aficionado

No description needed here

The Billet Mod

The Billet Box Mod

If you want a beautiful hand crafted piece, order yours at:


High End

If budget isn’t an issue, you may enjoy the mods by Wapari Design.

These don’t have prices listed, as they are individually made, but if you are interested in a collectible type of mod, these may be for you.

They are on the more expensive side though, and even more so when purchasing them off someone, as they can go for a pretty penny!

Wapari Mod

Check Out Their Facebook For Purchases.

Sub-ohm Tanks and RBAs

Sub ohm tanks were developed to satisfy the growing number of VW mod users around the world. Most have been designed and manufactured in China along with compatible hardware.

When manufacturers started releasing box mods and variable watt APVs, they knew the usual selection of e cig tanks would not be suitable for them. Even excellent clearomizers such as the ViVi Nova and Nautilus are not equal to sub-ohms.

The Aerotank provides adjustable airflow, but not a rebuildable deck. Their coils were not built to handle sub ohms. Atomizer heads were replaceable but not rebuildable. Consumers would have had to switch to dripping atomizers or RBAs, leaving their comfortable and user-friendly tanks behind, unless manufacturers designed new types of tanks. Now there are almost as many sub ohm tanks as there are variable watt mods.

Best Brands

You will notice the top manufacturers include makers of your favorite APVs: JoyeTech, Innokin, Eleaf, Kanger, Smok, and Aspire. I haven’t mentioned every possible sub ohm tank below but this is a good starting point. When you realize how many options there are, it becomes clear that high-watt mods are here to stay.

Major brands make them: . Tank-style RBAs fit into this category, so think of those too when you are browsing. They include authentic limited-edition RBAs and clones. The following is my top 5 list.

Vaporfi Volt Hybrid Tank With 30ml E-Juice $52.79**

Vaporfi Volt Hybrid Sub Ohm Tank With Free 30ml E-Juice

This is a sub-ohm tank launched by Vaporfi to go with high powered mods like their VOX II.

It is a beautiful sub-ohm tank, and comes with two atomizer choices, one of them rebuildable for DIYers, and the others are ready to go.

This kit includes 20 wicks of organic Japanese cotton for the RBA, and a pyrex glass tube.


**Discount: Click Here To Activate 12% Off Coupon ($7.20 Off the Volt –> $52.79)




Aspire Triton 2 – $34.95

Triton 2

This is the latest Sub Ohm tank released by Aspire, who is one of the most masterful crafters if amazing vape tanks.

They have just improved on their already amazing products, to help make your vaping experience as perfect as possible.

A top fill feature was added, and it comes with adjustable airflow to fine tune your vapor hits.

It also has a nice 3ml capacity so you won’t need to refill this beauty quite as much.





Aspire Atlantis 2.0 – $29.95

Aspire Atlantis 2 BVC Sub-Ohm Vape Tank


The Nautilus by Aspire is among the top-rated, best-selling tanks available, and their new Atlantis 2 is very popular as well.

Their Atlantis sub-ohm tank matches the Nautilus for quality. It’s a BVC tank: vertical bottom coil.

With this style of coil, you combine great flavor and vapor with longevity. Coils provide 0.3-ohm resistance or 0.5 ohms.

The maximum wattage suggested for this tank is 50W: that’s enough for a Smok XPro M50, the Kanger KBox, Eleaf iStick (10, 20, or 50W), and others. Aspire’s Atlantis tank was the first sub-ohm glassomizer available.

The new V 2.0 has improvements over V1, such as a 3ml capacity and improved adjustable airflow.






Horizon Tech Arctic – $19.95

Horizon Arctic Tanks

With the Arctic, your vape can be the Sigelei 100W, iStick 50W, the SMY 60W or MVP Pro, among many others. It was made for 10W to 100W mods and handles 0.2 ohms (or 0.5 ohms with the pre-built coil head).

This Pyrex tank uses US Kanthal wire, organic cotton and, of course, offers adjustable airflow. Like SMOK, Horizon Tech packages their Arctic sub ohm tank with two mouthpieces: one glass and one stainless steel.





ELeaf Lemo II – $29.99

Eleaf Lemo 2

Version two of the Lemo contains a high-tech PEEK insulator situated around the rebuildable atomizer head. This was placed there to insulate and provide corrosion resistance. With 3.8-ml capacity, you can fill up on highly viscous e juice and fire your atomizer to a low of 0.3 ohms. A unique top-fill feature creates a mess-free experience. Another special piece is a cover for the atomizer head. This is to protect it from e juice when filling the atomizer so you don’t have to undo the cap.






Kanger Subtank Plus – $28.50

mfs kanger subtank plus

No sooner did Kanger release this tank than they upgraded it and changed the name. Look for the word “plus” and you are buying their latest version. It was designed for use with the Kanger KBox 40W mod, but has also become a favorite among users of other mods like the iPV and iStick series.

The Subtank Plus combines Pyrex and 304 Stainless Steel to provide a hybrid tank. By this I mean that it can be used as a tank with pre-built coils or as a DIY tank with a rebuildable deck.

Your tank comes with 0.5-ohm and 1.2-ohm builds choices plus an extra Pyrex tube in case you break yours by over-tightening screws on the top and bottom caps. Airflow is adjustable so that you can optimize inhalation resistance.


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Smok RSBT Hybrid – $16.57**

Smok RSBT Hybrid

Any chance they get, Smok develops a new atomizer; a re-boot of one of their earlier styles or something to match a new Smok vaporizer. The Smok RSBT is a perfect complement to the XPro series or their Bluetooth VW mods. It holds 4 ml of liquid inside a Pyrex tank which is easy to rebuild. Adjust airflow to your preferred level.


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Use promo code NEWMFS15 for 15% off your first order at My Freedom Smokes!



Dome RBA – $29.00

dome rba clone

This list was in no particular order, so this isn’t the 5th best; just another choice. The Dome is a clone of the Atmomixani and an RBA, but with a tank.

You have the option to use glass or a stainless steel tank, but I would go with glass for optimum purity of flavor and to see your e liquid level.

It’s a bottom-feed tank with a silver plated contact, 4 posts, and 4 wick holes plus 3 vent holes. Infinite made a copy which provides airflow control and temperature variability.





The JoyeTech Delta II – $24.99

JoyeTech Delta II

Joye’s new tank is rated for 20W to 45W devices, comes in silver or black, and features three slim vertical viewing windows above an airflow control panel. It was designed to complement their latest version of the eVic.

Inside this 22-mm, 3.5-ml stainless steel tank, you will place one of two compatible atomizer heads. One is a rebuildable deck. The other is called an LVC: liquid valve control head. The latter item contains a dial which allows you to adjust the flow of e liquid.






Innokin iSub – $15.30**

Innokin iSub

Innokin recently released the MVP 3.0 Pro 60W, big brother to their iTaste MVP 3.0 30W mod. While an iClear 30 would fit nicely on the smaller device, a bigger tank was needed for higher wattage and lower ohms.

The iSub contains a 0.5-ohm Vertical Deep Coil build (VDC). Airflow is adjustable on this 4-ml vessel, as usual.

It’s unusual for a sub ohm tank not to possess this feature. Instead of glass, Innokin uses the more durable German polycarbonate, but they also utilize Japanese organic cotton, the cleanest available.

Enjoy their No Spill Easy Swap system which makes replacing the coil a cinch. Using the latest and toughest polycarbonate, Innokin is able to offer their tank in clear, smoky, blue, or pink.


** Price after discount code:

Use promo code DNA10 for 10% off at VaporDNA!




ELeaf Melo 2 – $23.95

MELO 2 Atomizer

ELeaf designed the Melo 2 just for their new TC iSticks, so it is built especially for Nickel and Titanium modes. One of the fantastic features of this compact tank (wider than those above by 0.3 mm but shorter by several millimeters) is its thick vertical coil. With a few inlet holes in the bottom, customers enjoy total control over airflow. Like most others in this article, the Melo uses organic cotton.





Kayfun Lite RBA 26650 – $14.86

26650 Kayfun RBA clone

In actual fact, I am looking at a clone of the Kayfun Lite RBA 26650 as I write this. You should always buy clones from reputable and established brands like HCigar, Infinite, and EHPro who do a good job with their copies and tend to maintain the highest level of quality.

Some of their tanks are as good as the originals and this could be one of them. The Kayfun Lite is a big tank made from stainless steel. Its size makes attaching it to an iStick 10 or 20W mod impractical. It is best connected with a 26650 mechanical mod or one of the large boxes.


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How To Choose Box Vapes

There are box mods developed by e cig companies and box-style vaporizers. Each one features the same cube-like shape or something close to that.

In the e cig department the term “box mod” distinguishes vaping “pens” from bigger APVs like the Innokin iTaste MVP. This is what we’ve highlighted above as it is what most people think of when looking these up, e-liquid vap mods.

Vaporizer companies selling box mods are talking about tabletop devices that plug into a wall socket, and are typically for herbs. There are some portable box-shaped vaporizers, such as the Magic Flight vaporizer, pictured just below.

Magic Flight Launch BoxBox Vaporizers for Herbs

If you vaporize herbs rather than e-liquid, then your box mod is literally just a heating element inside of a cube or a shape like a cube wearing a hoodie. The back extends a little higher than the rest of the unit.

There are risks when buying this particular sort of vaporizer, namely the fact that they are so easy to make. Anyone with a bit of electronic aptitude can buy the parts, knock out a shape, and stick the heating chamber inside.

The danger is that wiring will not be properly connected. Materials will fail to resist high heat and will not be food-grade. Overheating materials of sub-standard quality will release toxic fumes into the vapor. Vaping is healthier than smoking, but not when this happens.

Moreover, these homemade box mods often don’t work or they only work for a short time. If you paid $40, got what seemed like a great deal, then wound up with a useless hunk of junk, you probably bought your vaporizer from a company with a PO Box that changed addresses as soon as they made a few bucks. Now you can’t find them to get your money back.

Always Buy from Reputable Dealers

Look on a website for authorization from a company to sell their box mods. This protects you from being left high and dry with a faulty machine.

You can make a claim against the warranty and have faulty pieces exchanged. Also, customer service is there to help you work out minor problems which might arise from simple errors made at your end.

Vape World is one the the most well known stores for herb vaporizers, and has a couple of box-shaped desktop units as well as the Magic Flight.

Box Vaporizers on the Market

The Easy Vape 5, Hot Box mods, and Vapor Brothers models have all achieved decent reputations. They are efficient, user-friendly, and often attractive. Hot Box mods are available in plain colors and prints and cost between $110 and $200. The Easy Vape 5 is popular. It features digital five-button controls, a ceramic heating element, and heats up quickly.

Vapor Brothers have been making devices since 1999 so their reputation has had time to steep. See what they’re up to by visiting a vaporizer supplier online.

Some Features of a  Desktop Box Vaporizer

If you have always wanted a hands-free vaporizer, this is your best bet. Box vaporizers often come with a ground glass system which means the connection between chamber and wand is secure. You really literally do not have to use your hands when vaping. That is convenient if you read and vape simultaneously.

These units often create thick vapor. They also come in two formats, like candle-style tabletop devices: digital or analog. Set the controls by turning a dial or pressing buttons. Temperature options range from about 200F to around 400F.

Look out for boxes with multiple tubes suitable for use by two or three people at the same time. Also check the length of tubing. A few are fitted with too-short vinyl tubing, a problem you can easily rectify without technical support.

Profile of a Box Vaporizer

Vaporite entered the market in 2005. Their latest model is a high quality, affordable 6th Element Box Mod shaped like a rectangular ham radio or old-fashioned VCR. Made of steel, it is coated black and pre-assembled. Use it right out of the box to vaporize oils and aromatic herbs by deploying a whip system which is assisted by forced air.

The dual digital temperature display is a nice touch and easy to read. 6th Element vaporizers are popular globally.

Pricing of Box Vaporizers

They are simple and straightforward to use, so it’s no wonder box vaporizers commonly sell for affordable prices. You can easily purchase a good one for less than $100. It won’t have the many features of a Volcano with automatic shut-off timer and a cooling coil, and it won’t work with a balloon, but for less than $100 you would have a mains-powered device working consistently and reliably for several years.

Direct Vapor Vape Mod Starter Kits

Direct Vapor Vape Mod Starter Kits

Shop Direct Vapor Vape Mod Starter Kits Here

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