Visit Green Smoke today if you haven’t gone to their website in a while. A few changes have taken place, making an already excellent brand more desirable than before. Products have not changed and probably do not need to. There are no additional cartridge flavors or extra accessories. Only prices have been affected.

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GreenSmoke.comGreen Smoke Price Change

A pet peeve I have had about Green Smoke has had to do with high prices. They tended to form the upper threshold of regular pricing with a few companies too high above them to even be counted.

Maybe their quality is particularly good, but customers will not discover that if they are not tempted to try the brand owing to prohibitive costs.

Today’s pricing strategy at Green Smoke is much more reasonable, and I can see why they did it. Many new brands of e cigs have been released in 2014, challenging Green Smoke’s place among the top sellers. Slashing prices is going to help them compete.

Green Smoke Review: Looking for Cut Backs

Those reductions happened everywhere. Starter kits now begin below $20 with an Essentials Kit and rise up from there. Batteries have dropped in price to $14.99 and cartridges now cost $12.99 for a packet of five. This is great for new and existing customers, but especially for Green Smoke. The company will benefit.

Starter Kits at Green Smoke

I find it difficult to understand why Green Smoke has not added a portable charging case or a USB cigarette to their starter kits and accessories collection. They are convenient to have and frequently included in starter kits or among extras (think of the Magma at Volcano E Cigs, two sizes of PCCs at V2 Cigs, and the BluCigs charging kit.)

Green Smoke kits


People who spend much of their working day in the car or on public transport, often away from a power source, are grateful to own one of these wireless devices. A PCC acts as a case and a charger. It allows them to enjoy cigarette-style e cigs continuously during the day because a battery is always charged and ready.

The same goes for USB cigarettes which can be vaped on while plugged directly into a USB port. When a battery loses power, this is yet another way to enjoy vaping while it charges. Green Smoke has opted to avoid these kinds of technological extras.

The Ultimate Kit contains 4 batteries, a charging kit, car charger, and two carry cases. This makes no sense to me. Why not add more cartridges instead of including or chop the price instead of inserting 2 cases? I’m confused.

But I can’t complain about pricing otherwise. Their two-battery bundle costs less than $50. Green Smoke goods can now be classed “affordable.”

Green Smoke's CartridgesCartridge Replacements at Green Smoke

I have also been confused about their selection of cartomizers which holds fast at 8 flavors. South Beach Smoke added 6 to make a total of 16. V2 Cigs carries 10 regular flavors and currently offers 2 limited edition extras. Without blank cartomizers to refill with e liquid, customers are stuck vaping the same flavors over and over.

There is a silver lining to this scenario, however, because if you really look at what other e cig companies offer, you find that most customers can only bear two or three flavors. The rest are unpalatable. At Green Smoke, their fresh, triple-sealed e liquid is renowned. The taste is excellent because every effort is made to ensure juice doesn’t go stale before the customer opens his package.

Cartridge flavors start with tobacco: Red Label, Gold, Absolute, and Menthol. Next is Mocha Mist, followed by Vanilla Dreams. Try Smooth Chocolate or Clove. Select up to 2.4% nicotine with the option of 0% nicotine as well.

You currently save $1.30 by arranging for automatic monthly shipments sent every 1 to 6 weeks, but another way to save is to purchase bulk orders. Select a bundle of 5 or up to 20 (100 cartomizers), making the lowest possible price for your e juice $9.97 per five-pack.

E liquid contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and flavoring, but that’s all they tell you at Green Smoke. You might want to ask about the ratio of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, where their ingredients come from, and what their flavorings are. V2 Cigs is much more transparent.

An additional bonus for customers buying replacement cartomizers is that a set of fifteen 5-packs will be shipped with a free battery and 20 packs arrive with 2 free batteries.

Green Smoke's Designer BatteriesDesigner Batteries

Green Smoke carries long and short batteries: 160 mAh and 270 mAh. They take up to 5 or 6 hours to charge and last 300 to 400 puffs. Each one is priced $16.97 or $14.99 in a package of 3 ($44.97). Regular batteries are white with green or red LED lights.

Designer batteries are named for great American cities and feature designs that sometimes make sense as far as the name goes but often don’t. They are supposed to correspond with a flavor.

The Charleston one (Get in Gear) features gears: it makes sense. So does a Manhattan (Explore the World) battery with travel motifs. Other batteries honor Nashville, Cooperstown, New Orleans, Chicago, Seattle, Springfield, and El Paso.

They are lovely batteries but only available as automatic devices. You might become frustrated by this since a manual battery often lasts longer. It isn’t on stand-by all the time.

Wrapping it Up: Green Smoke Today

Green Smoke got its start during the early stages of electronic cigarettes’ emergence. They have fastened themselves as a feature among reviewers and editors for their high quality taste, powerful batteries, and a green attitude.

Since then very little has changed. This company prefers to travel the simpler path, sticking with a selected formula and range of products and concentrating on the quality of those few things. If you want excitement, the new brand VaporFi (formerly Vapor Zone) is probably up your alley with thousands of e liquids and 5 types of e cigarettes. If you like a slow pace, over 1,000 reviews on Green Smoke’s website tell consumers that this is a good brand to start vaping with.


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