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Electronic, portable, rechargeable vaporizers do the job of a pipe without creating ash or smoke. They are healthier for you than smoking pipes or cigarettes and can still fit in your briefcase or purse. They do not generally look like pipes, however, but like almost anything else. The Palm Vaporizer takes a pipe shape, but not its usual dark or hardwood color. With one of these units, vaporizing gets a modern twist that makes it funky and fashionable for younger vapers.

Palm VaporizerA Palm Vaporizer Review

For about $90, you can buy the original Palm with its long stem and bulb-shaped heating chamber. A hinged acrylic lid lets you see inside and also open easily to take out or insert more herbs. Screens can be removed for cleaning or replacement when they become worn. The pathway is all glass; natural and flavorless to make no difference to the flavor of your herbs, which is why glass is the preferred conduit.

Choose a color such as pink, orange, or green. Stick with white, grey, or black if you like to be inconspicuous. A kit for the original Palm (at the price above) contains two batteries, two mouthpiece tips, a battery charger, and the manual. Replacement batteries cost $12.

Version 2.0 is almost identical in every respect. Both versions take 5 to 10 seconds to reach the units’ highest temperature: 380F. In less than 5 seconds you can start vaping at a lower temperature. The chamber is spacious enough to hold material that gives you 4 to 8 draws per load. Though this seems like a small amount, you have to compromise when you want to use wireless, portable convenient vaporizers instead of high-power, plug-in devices with big chambers.

A package containing Version 2.0 of the Palm plus accessories costs $107.99. The stem is shorter so the whole unit is even more discrete than its predecessor. The heating chamber, however, has been improved. It’s not stated whether steel rods heat the ceramic chamber in version one, but this is how it works with the next generation.


If you have spent any time exploring vaporizers at various sites, you know that the Palm is a really affordable starter device, maybe even a great gift for someone who wants to quit using the real thing and take up the smoke-free alternative. Many other choices are priced from $150 and above.

More about the Palm Vaporizer

A Palm Vaporizer is made in the United States. Accessories for this device are a mixture of practical and fun parts. Screen replacements are necessary. As with all affordable products, they tend to be flimsy and are designed to wear out in a short time. At least these light screens come out so cleaning the chamber is easier than with fixed screens. You have to clean it regularly, including your acrylic screen, if the Palm is going to last you for a while.

There are replacement tips when yours become scratched and are no longer hygienic. Instead of regular tips, replace yours with a pack of flavored ones for $14.99. These are proprietary and fit perfectly to provide a hint of mint, lemon, raspberry, and orange to your usual herbs.

The Palm is easiest to find on sites carrying several vaporizers including Arizer, the Volcano, hands-free box mods, and more. The great thing about shopping this way is that several sites send a free acrylic grinder with each vaporizer. It’s a piece you need but might forget when just starting to use vaporizers. When you compare prices, don’t forget to find out what the final bill is after shipping is added and whether there is an extensive warranty so you know which company really sells it for less.

Palm Vaporizer
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