Vapers can’t necessarily enjoy the best of both worlds: a long-lasting charge plus high-watt capacity. Safety is the most important thing they need to look for in a high-drain cell.

But once that is established, it’s important to decide what they value most. Maybe that’s putting the cart before the horse: vapers know their needs better when they choose a device. Then they can say whether endurance or power is the top feature they are looking for.

Low running temperature is a must, no matter what. The following is my top 5 for the best rechargeable 18650 batteries you can buy right now from reputable vendors. Always buy them brand new.

See their amperage ratings, capacity, voltage, and temperature when vaping are superior to the rest. Never succumb to the temptation of cheap electronics: always buy brand-name batteries with a good reputation. You could end up with an over-heating cell and a big problem on your hands.

The Best 18650 Vape Batteries Of 2017

mAh/Amps Price
Samsung 25R 2500 mAh/20A $17.95/2pk
Sony VTC4 2100 mAh/30A $23.95/2pk
LG HE2 2500 mAh/20A $17.95/2pk
AW IMR 1600 mAh $6.99
Brillipower 3100 mAh/40A $8.95

1. Samsung 25R 18650

Samsung INR 18650-25R Battery - 2500mAh

This is a top battery for many reasons and particularly good for when you need a flat top. Capacity is rated at 2500 mAh but you should not necessarily take that figure at face value. Even if your Samsung 25R fails to meet this level when brand new, it has a lot going for it. The voltage when fully charged is 4.2V and you get 250 charges before capacity is only at 60%. Output is 20A. Vapers will eventually come to recognize its green cover as a familiar site in VW/TC mods. Trust Samsung and their knowledge of all things electronic.

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2. SONY VTC4 Vape Battery


This is another flat top battery, 30A, advertised as an accessory for mechanical and VW or TC devices. Like the name Samsung, Sony is another brand that has instilled trust among consumers after their years of setting and exceeding excellent standards. The VTC4 2100-mAh battery features a discharge cut-off of 2.5V but regularly manages 4.2V. This Sony Cell is LiMN: a safer type of Lithium mixture than Lithium Polymer, but not “safe” per se. It’s all about how you use your battery. There is no safeguard against a short circuit in this IMR battery. Vapers can also wreck their battery if they block the air vent or pulse the cell too often to reach the highest possible current.

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3. LG HE2 18650

LG HE2 18650

Again, Lithium Manganese is preferred over Lithium Polymer for its relatively high safety rating. The LG HE2 2500-mAh cell features a constant current of 20A constant current and operating temperature of 0C to 50C. It’s a flat top too: clearly shorter batteries top the charts these days which makes sense given that vape manufacturers are trying make their mods as small as possible. Millimeters count in the design department.

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4. AW IMR 18650 Vape Cells

AW IMR 18650

What I mentioned about IMR batteries applies to this 2200-mAh cell by AW (not A&W). Dimensions are the same as previous AW IMR cells but with more power. Nominal operating voltage is 3.7V with a peak of 4.2V. AW makes standard, relatively safe batteries that serious but sensible vapers can rely on to provide solid service for months. Theirs has been a respected battery brand for years and a little cheaper than Samsung or Sony without being cheap.

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5. Brillipower 18650 Batteries

Brillipower 40a 3100 MAh 18650s

That’s true of Brillipower too. You can’t trust all the lesser-known brands — friends will probably put you off quite a few of them — but this brand provides a strong resume with excellent consumer and expert ratings. It is a 3100-mah 20A battery with a 40A maximum current and 2.75V discharge cut-off. As always, buy only brand new batteries and check when they were made. Buy from vendors who store their products in a temperature-controlled environment and look after products like these so they remain stable.

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Best 18650 Batteries
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