Let’s take a close look at the most highly rated or popular battery chargers with specific emphasis on those capable of recharging 18650 cells. Many, if not all, of the items featured below will also recharge smaller or larger cells, but the important thing is that they efficiently handle your regular-sized mod batteries.


Do not assume that the products below are the best devices money can buy. I only list them because vape stores have chosen to sell these items and vapers believe they are getting a good product based on sales and customer ratings. You should always conduct independent research and look at pros and cons based on the manner in which you plan to use the charger.

Remember that while another brand could look better overall, this particular product might be better suited to smaller household rechargeable cell found in joysticks for home-based computer games or television remote controls, not for 18650 cells most widely associated with high-powered vaporizers and LED flashlights.

1. EFest LUC V4

EFest provides 4 bays for charging 4 batteries at once on this Universal Charger recognizable by the trademark EFest purple trim. The versatile LUC V4 also features a screen so you can monitor batteries individually.

The system is protective so that batteries will not blow-up in the event you reverse their polarity accidentally or on purpose just to be perverse. The EFest LUC V4 accommodates Li-Ion and Li-Mn cells measuring from 10440 to 26650: batteries for vape mods, mP3 players, Smartphones, and more.

Batteries are safeguarded against overcharging so you can leave them in beyond the time necessary to recharge even though that is not recommended. EFest also makes some of the best-selling 18650 vape mod batteries of assorted mAh ratings.

Buy The LUC V4: https://www.directvapor.com

2. Nitecore D4

Nitecore D4

Here is another universal charger ready to handle most tube-shaped batteries of a Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, or Li-Ion composition. Watch the charge status of each battery independently on the LCD screen; up to 4 batteries at one time.

Again these can measure from 10440 to 26650 and more. Use two buttons on the sides to select your sort of battery and the device will cease charging when a cell is full. Cells are guarded against reverse polarity and overheating.

NiteCore’s i2 Intellicharger is a low-cost, popular, well-rated alternative if you only need to recharge two cells simultaneously. Nitecore is also well-known for their range of quality LED flashlights.

Buy The D4:

$26.99** At: http://www.vapordna.com **Enter promo code DNA10 into the cart for this price.


Nitecore Digicharger D2

The two bay D2 is also available; a similar charger to the D4, with just 2 bays.

This is a top seller at Amazon, at a great price, and is available for Prime shipping

Buy The D2:

$22.49** at At: http://www.mtbakervapor.com **Enter promo code 10off into the cart for this price.

3. TrustFire Multifunctional Charger

TrustFire Multifunctional Charger

This 4.2V dual-port charger is compatible with a range right up to 18650 cells, two at a time, showing their status individually on the display screen. Thanks to adjustable voltage, this unit can be used in any country, so if you are taking a trip overseas you won’t need to borrow or buy a battery charger or adapter. This device will recharge 3V and 3.6V cells. Its small size makes this an economical choice. TrustFire also makes batteries, as you probably know; competitively-priced cells for your VW and TC vape devices.

Buy The Trustfire: http://www.amazon.com



While it is convenient to buy a charger compatible with multiple types of battery chemistry, for modders the Li-Ion is king of the jungle anyway, so you probably won’t see it as a down side if your charger is for Li-Ion cells. The XTAR VP2, among XTAR’s bestsellers among vapers, is built with a USB output as well so you can recharge mobile phones, etc. XTAR, like Nitecore, also produces a range of batteries, flashlights, and numerous other charging devices.

Buy The XTAR: http://www.litecigusa.net



This MXJO triple-battery charger provides protection against reverse polarity and over-charging. There are 3 bays for 18650 cells only and the choice of charging at 0.5, 1, or 1.5 amps. Set each bay independently and read amp settings plus charge status on the MXJO’s screen. The charging port is eGo-threaded. MXJO also makes 18650 high-drain batteries for your high-watt mods plus batteries of various sizes, both flat- and button-topped.

Buy The MXJO: http://www.vaporbeast.com

Best 18650 Battery Chargers
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