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As if there wasn’t enough anticipation for Christmas and then New Year, now you have to wait for the new Sigelei mod to be released.

Their touch screen sub ohm vaporizer is making waves but no one (except perhaps a few lucky reviewers) has it in their hands yet.

Here is what the Sigelei T150 Touch Screen vaporizer has to offer. T150


T150 Means 150W

The Spark and 90W Plus are both lovely but compact and some vapers want just a touch more power. They are also eager to enjoy some of the higher-tech features witnessed on devices made by firms they aren’t too sure about.

Sigelei almost doubles their output with a 150-Watt device and lends their reputable name to the package. The 150W is a Temperature Control (TC) and Variable Wattage mod: two modes using two batteries to provide enough power whether you are on a gentle run of 5 Watts or blowing out clouds of vapor like a pro at 100+ Watts.

Advantages of Temperature Control

TC vaping isn’t just a gimmick. It’s a cost-saving, safety conscious, and environmentally responsible option. Controlling temperature, the PCB prevents your mod from overheating and short circuiting or worse. Hot batteries can explode with devastating consequences.

Temperature control coils heat up slowly but, once they achieve a certain temperature, they retain their heat while you can turn down the thermostat. This uses less battery power and wears your coils out more slowly. Employing TC coils, they don’t burn out which makes dry hits and burns e liquid.

The result would be tainted flavor. Since you use less power and replace coils less frequently, you spend less money on electricity and replacing parts. Fewer parts end up in landfill as well. If other coils seemed too dodgy to trust with your finest e juice, now you can apply a compatible rebuildable temperature control atomizer and put it to good use.

Press the mode selection icon on your touch screen to switch modes and operate in TC function instead of Variable Wattage. This gives you a maximum value of 600F. Why anyone would want to go higher I don’t know but that would not be safe for your electronics, your battery, or potentially your skin. These tough mods have their limits.

Resistance Range

Cloud production is a complicated business involving a choice of atomizer coil, wattage output or temperature, and the sort of e juice you are using. With high-vegetable glycerin e juice in your tank, clouds almost make themselves, but you make the most of that vapor juice when atomizer resistance is really low. The Sigelei T150 goes down to 0.2 ohms resistance using an appropriate tank. You can really make thick clouds.

Touch Screen

There’s just one on/off switch to the right side of your screen. Buttons are fine: they are becoming better and better; less inclined to come loose or get stuck. But they are still buttons and technology has come a long way.

Consumers are accustomed to touching a screen to do almost everything. The Sigelei T150 is like a thicker version of your iPhone or Samsung. Touch icons to adjust and read every value. The whole face is a screen, not just half an inch square on one side.

Batteries and Kit

You will need two 18650 batteries to operate the T150: they will not be included with the mod when it comes out in January. Consider buying a kit with the tank and batteries included: that way an expert vendor is sure to supply exactly the right sort.

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Sigelei T150
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