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Sigelei’s newest mod is the 213W, an oddly uneven number considering every other Variable Watt device on the market seems to be rated by increments of 10W.

The Sigelei 213W is operated using two 18650 batteries and provides TCR mode as well as Variable Wattage.

This is an interesting release from a company vapers trust. Take a closer look.

The Sigelei 213W Up Close 213

There are three coil modes: titanium, nickel, and stainless steel. These indicate just how clever the Sigelei 213W is: smart enough to tell what sort of material you are using in your atomizer. Another smart feature is the “power-up” timer.

Use this to change wattage but also to set how long you want to vape at that level. Usually that is a feature vapers adjust manually or the chipset alters wattage for safety when a mod’s temperature climbs too high. You will still be safe with “power-up” functionality, but just a little bit more “in control.”

Here is what I mean. Start in whatever mode you like. Now choose “power-up” and set wattage for a particular rate, say 100W. Next, you set the time by seconds. Your previous setting will be interrupted for that period of time before the mod returns to the way you had it (TCR mode, for example). No other mod does something like this yet, although they are sure to come.

Sigelei 213W

Unnecessarily Complicated?

I’m not sure if I like that feature. It seems complicated and unnecessary. Already consumers have so much choice, yet I can remember a day when simpler systems seemed bewildering. I guess we get used to these innovations one way or another.

Button Design

Set mode and change temperature/wattage using diagonally placed parallel buttons. It doesn’t really matter how buttons are shaped or positioned as long as they are not located on the side you are holding, but design features like these are attractive.

A menu button is featured on the front top corner while a firing button is on the side, and an OLED screen below the diagonal buttons. Another notable design feature is the dignified color pairing of black with gold trim.

How to Change Batteries on the Sigelei 213W

You are going to use two removable batteries which are not included. When a company specifies that you need two 18650 batteries, consider buying quality items, not cheap ones. Cheap batteries by brands you have never heard of are truly not as safe as top names like Sony, Samsung, and EFest.

Companies and experts don’t just say that as a way to make you spend more money (a difference of just two or three dollars most of the time). All vendors want is for consumers to be as safe as possible. A battery door at the bottom is secured by a hinge: just slide the door to release batteries for recharging.Charge them using a regular but good quality battery charger and replace spent ones with freshly charged 18650 batteries.

Sigelei 213W Starter Kit

Sigelei 213W TC Starter Kit Bundle

Last Words about the 213

This is the standard sort of pin connection: spring-loaded to optimize compatibility with assorted atomizer tanks. A USB port has been built into the Sigelei 213 but it is not there for recharging.

Instead, use this to upgrade the firmware on your device when Sigelei releases something new. They undoubtedly will since this Chinese vape firm can’t seem to sit still. Their other releases have been beautiful and interesting. The UFO, T150, Spark, Mini Book, and Fuchai 200W are all stunning devices.

If you’re looking for another high-quality unit without the “power-up” function or you want a more brightly-colored device, try the Fuchai 200 Watt mod by Sigelei. It comes in blue, red, or black, and provides both VW and TC operation.

Fire at up to 572F and the chipset will alter wattage accordingly. Sigelei builds safety features into their mods like overheating protection, safeguards against voltage extremes, and reverse battery protection.


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