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SMOK X Cube Mini

SMOK’s X Cube is already one of the most popular, highly rated box mods around but they are never satisfied for long at their labs in Shenzhen. Now they are ready to introduce a new, updated version: the SMOK X Cube Mini 75W TC vaporizer. Here is

VaporFi VOX 100 TC MOD

A new device has been added to the VOX line by the folks at VaporFi: their VOX 100 TC. Some names give the whole game away and that is pretty much the case here. This is a VOX mod: a variable box-style vaporizer. It is a high-output

Lavabox DNA 200

Evolv’s new DNA 200 PCB spawned a host of new mods for vaping experts to love. They include a Hana Modz DNA 200, Lost Vape EFusion DNA 200, Whiteout by Cloudvape, and the Lavabox DNA 200 by Volcano E Cigs. Let’s take a look at Volcano’s version

200 Watt Vape Tanks

Most tanks were not designed for performance at 200 watts and super sub-ohm performance: 0.2, 0.1, and even 0.05 ohms, for instance. Their designers never had dripping e juice in mind or cloud-chasing vape mod fans. The entire sub-ohm line came along in the past year or

HCigar VT 200

HCigar is a Chinese company, based where you would expect: in Shenzhen, the heart of vaping manufacture. Their VT 200 contains a genuine Evolv DNA 200 chip. This surprises people who expect Chinese firms to choose the Yihi equivalent and serves to reinforce a fact which most

SMY SDNA 200w Mod

Introduce yourself to a new 200W, Evolv powered vaporizer: the SMY SDNA 200W Mod. Its shape is more pillar-like than boxy although that is only relative: it is not super skinny or especially large. If you have never held a box mod before, these are very small

CloudMaker Whiteout DNA 200

What does every advanced vaper seem to want these days? They are looking for sub-ohm tanks and high-watt mods with temperature control and high efficiency. These consumers choose e liquids containing a lot of vegetable glycerin. Combine all three factors, being sure each is a quality product,

Kanger NEBOX

Kanger has just released their newest mod, the NEBOX. Vapers will recognize the format used by Joyetech with their eGrip vaporizer but that is old technology by comparison with what Kanger has in store for vapers. Here is what you get when you purchase the Kanger NEBOX

Joyetech EGo One VT

Joyetech stands for reliability; VT stands for Variable Temperature: put them together for a top-class vaping experience. You get the best of everything. There is the brand, one of the best e cig companies around. Vapers enjoy the smooth, cylindrical shape of an eGo One plus temperature

ESquare DNA40 TC

Lost Vape uses an Evolv DNA 40W chip to bring you an unusual style of box mod: one of the boxiest, you might say, given that it forms a rectangle so wide it is almost a square. That’s where the ESquare DNA40 TC by Lost Vape gets